Sunday, 10 October 2010

Pin - Up Line

I am addicted to garter belts and seamed stockings.
I can not imagine my life without it.
Doesn't matter winter or not. I have many kinds and colors. However my favourite is contrast one - nude with black seam and, if sole - so you don't have to worry about all darker shoe marks when you're forced to take off your heels :)
FF Stockings from What Katie Did are actually really good. it doesn't lose shape as fast as Eleganti.
Eleganti are fine. Fits perfectly at the beginning. But with time it is noticeably longer and loose.
I like a lot Gio but it's really thin and hard to get.

I'll test soon two new brands: Cervin and Eva Chic (but no fully fashioned)

So my this fascination gave me an idea to paint pin up girls in stockings on ... anything which contains cotton. Tshirts, skirts, curtains...

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