Monday, 4 October 2010


Today I had an interview regarding my Danish language level in language school. So I decided - we have October but sunny day, maybe white skirt will do. So to this white full circle skirt with 3 layers petticoat I put on my lovely cardigan which I bought in Iceland.

On Laugavegur 17 in Reykjavik there's this second hand shop Rokk og Rosir.
So beautiful interior. You just don't want to leave. So nicely presented things.
It's true, I haven't got much time for shopping and Reykjavik is full of vintage shops. But this was the only one where I bought something. I haven't seen so nice dresses, but sweaters!! cardigans!!! amazing. So I bought two.
I always try to get some pieces originally from 50s but this one, however from 1996 - Michael Simon, is really special. Some say it makes me look like strawberry but I see in it rather animal impact.

But I already keep an eye on something new! 50s :)


  1. You're going in the right direction, my intuition tells me that you're gonna be very very successful!