Tuesday, 28 February 2012

going to the Post Office

Yesterday while watching Twilight Zone, I tried but couldn't finish - connection issues, I pin curled my hair. If I really try to do it nicely it takes 15 min. 
Usually it's just an accident if it looks great. And this is what happened today.
Brushing is extremely important. Later on sculpting it with a comb is a key action.
Some litres of hairspray. 
And voilà  !

Yes. Glycolic peels at SKIN clinic are marvellous and better than any cream ever.
I did bought the whole series (for 6 months) paying special offer prices and spent almost monthly rent by doing it. But well... no one knows it except me!

At SKIN clinic there's this amazing 'exfoliate cleanser'. It is definitively worth buying. It contains glycolic acid you can just continue treatment at home. 
I always discover these kind of things (many all kind of things) so late...
My beautician lady is 28 and already had botox to prevent forehead wrinkles. Well...
that's not for me.
Anyway new antiredness creams helped me a lot but I still struggle with transparent loose powders. They are just to dark for me! So I ordered few kilos of White Loose Star Gazer Powder and I'll mix it.

So I pinned it on the sides and put on the genuine 40s dress, bought as never worn with tags.
My love hates it. Says I look like elderly person. 
It's cotton so I like it. I don't feel the most comfortable or rather confident in it but once a woman at the airport loved it so much that I decided, ok maybe there's something in it.

I should definitively get a brown leather belt because this looks just simply embarrassing...

Anyway, sometimes I don't feel like it; recreating or building myself, but I just simply can't disappoint my fans!!! And they are there! Together with those who think I'm mental...
Especially this one around - 50years old - lady at the post office who always bursts out laughing when she sees me. Couldn't disappoint her either.
So I had a long walk in my new Vintage 60s - 70s wool cape that I managed to shoot for 30GBP and saw it on eBay also for 60-80GBP.

Nothing annoys me more than wind destroying my hairstyle. Especially when accidentally it worked. It seriously pisses me off and I just can't understand Why? WHY I ASK?? in Northampton, the furthest point from the Sea, is so Windy ?!?!
So I walk around in scarves.
It doesn't suit me. Doesn't make things look better but there's just nothing more to do.
I got the bag in TKmax for peanuts and Corder gloves eBay of course.

While I was getting to my destination I had to fight my way through all UNICEF consultants. 
They had to have quite a fun when my heel stuck in between paving stones and I even managed to make another step without a shoe. Had to return and aggressively pull it.
Well, happens... me quite often.
But after the post office I managed to arrive to the doctor in one piece with slightly raw feet, as usual. But I love Jones the Bootmaker! Even though it kills my feet I buy pair after pair.
So a nurse appeared to be an ex-hairdresser in 50s! She mentioned women had their hair set every week and it was the most busy profession.
In one piece I reached home checking bike shop on my way.
I am going to buy a bike.
My Danish Red Love with a huge wicker basket was sold. I thought nothing will replace it but now I decided it's time.
And so... I don't know what to choose!!!
And I have only 10 hours left to make the decision.


This one:

or this one:

Not that I expect comments or something... but Please !!! if you read this, even if you don't usually comment, or don't care...but Please !!! Help me !!! which one ? only 10 hours...

And soon I'll be able to start bike - showing - off that has only one minus...How to protect your hairstyle. Naturally helmet is out of question.
I have two cloche hats, winter and summer one.
But scarves are always working.

Monday, 20 February 2012

The best Hair in the history !!!

Lana Turner in 'The Bad and the Beautiful'.

It's not a hairstyle. It's a sculpture. A Masterpiece!

Here some photos of article from one book, I made it long time ago and forgot the book's title.

Jean Brooks in 'The Seventh Victim'.

Only 1943 but so innovative !!! I used to do it myself; grab scissors and cut the front in a shape of short fringe almost like cut from the helmet.
But I've been asked so many times to stop it that eventually I did...

Joan Caulfield in 'The Lady says No'.
Right away I started parting my hair in the middle.

Sandra Dee in 'If a Man Answers'.

And my yesterday's hair just before having a shower. I'm constantly experimenting, curling, testing styling products...
I must say Not bad! Not bad at all!

to be continued...

Friday, 17 February 2012

Advanced Style

I should definitively hang out with these ladies !!!

1. "You have to get dressed every day so you may as well get dress Well. It's like eating."

3. Pay attention to details: earrings + hat + shoes
I'm not really into jewellery but I feel stronger and stronger temptation towards large vintage brooches...and of course I love my pearls and swarovski.

4. It is true! You'll get a lot of fans. People come to me as well, they have a need to tell me how much they like the way I look and they smile. It is a "loop of love".

5. Collect, be patient and have a vision. "7 years my outfit took." There are things I don't know yet how to put together or seem to be incomplete but eventually it will happen.
"I have things in my closet, that even I wouldn't wear!" Beth Rudin DeWoody.

6. Show off the outfit !!! Biking is a great deal. I used to have vintage inspired red large bike with wattle basket but since in UK bike roads simply don't exist I had to sell it.
I am considering fold-up bike but I can't stand the idea of small wheels.
It is surprising how many people will show you their interest.

And a helmet... I don't even have one neither. It would totally destroy my hairstyle.

7. It is like a painting. I can't think about different approach. 

8. Never fallow fashion rules. How is it that a bunch of people says they know better what and how you should dress and possibly forbid you things you love or look good in?

9. "They think it's crazy." They will really do think you're a complete nut or even feel offended even though there'll be no nudity. "Do we care?" Who cares? "Harmony" is the state you gain when you're simply yourself and being by yourself in your own company is never waisted time.

10. "You're never over the top." "More is not enough." 
Yes. Why do we need minimalism if surfeit is enough ?

11. "...for hanging around at home? What the heck! I have a good time."
and here I started to think about my unhealthy addiction: house gowns, peignoirs and housecoats that took over my whole wardrobe.
Look good at home with yourself. 

12. "No one tells us what to do any more." Well my aunt recently informed me: "I'm not sure I like your style..." sounds dangerous.
"Who's going to tell me I look inappropriate? 
I don't care.
I can do whatever I want.
I'm not inappropriate.
I'm not stripping.
I'm not embarrassing anyone.
I'm just being myself."
Don't pay attention to what others say or think. Who said they have monopoly for what's right, what's wrong?

13. Experiment. I'm using one buttoned dress as a summer coat, three dresses with removed lining as nightgowns and black leather wedge shoes with oversized ribbon as slippers.

14. Buy and wear hats !!! "The only romantic thing left in life is a Hat."

Mimi Weddell

Sunday, 12 February 2012

crippling blond hair colour

For long months I was longing for a change on my head. I love all kind of changes. That's the only way to experience and vary. Change a flat every few years, rent a house in the forest, move to the huge city, change your job after few years, change a profession some time, if you're bored just recreate yourself from the beginning. Age has absolutely and fortunately nothing to do with it.

I do it all the time. Since I discovered that I'm afraid of only and only technical part of all these changes and that it's not so difficult in the end and brings every time a lot of freshness and adventures, I do it regularly.
But recently I rarely changed my hair colour.
Blonde destroyed and desiccated my hair. I couldn't keep it longer any more so it stayed with this unflattering length.
My friend, who happened to be a hairdresser, is a huge fan of champagne, warm blonde. For years I had this feeling something was wrong...I looked like a transvestite... sometimes. 
He tried to convince me it's because of my always visible darker roots.
But no.
I discovered few weeks after dyeing it always started to be in extremely warmish shade. And 'warm' colours  are not mine.
Anyway as our ways went in separate directions, I guess it happens when one starts to expect the other one to be someone else and scolds for features that actually create one's personality, we stopped keeping the relation alive probably because of this huge lack of acceptance. 
This is the beginning of 'How I got to MATRIX studio in Northampton'.
Harry, with 7 years of experience, chose for me this darker blonde. For the first time since 2009 my hair look actually healthy and there's even a shine. 
I still don't recognize myself but feel so much better.
More like Barbara Stanwyck femme fatale...

who, by the way, looked very kitschy in screaming blond in 'Double Indemnity',

and finally less like a worse copy of Sandra Dee...

So, early (at noon) in the morning I run to shoot few self-photos, very often I can't decide if I see something live but on the photos I know immediately, and yes - I'm satisfied.
I am convinced my friend in the (constant) flow of self admiration and self glorification would trample my satisfaction, but well... he's not here and I feel truly Lighter now.
I didn't put any make up, I'm sorry... just tried to fix it with a lipstick later on and didn't want to wait.

I adore red hair !!! which I will never have because of my 'red face' effect. However I found bloggers advice how to maintain it: msK
It is difficult for me to believe what was there: 
"by now my hair is getting used to only being washed every third or fourth day. My personal record is not washing it for 5 days, and my hair felt GREAT, no kidding. I actually felt like my hair said "I love you!!". When your hair goes greasy or feels a bit eww hide it in a bandana or wear a hat, it's getting close to winter anyway."
I guess everyone knows it but just so I feel better... Wash You Hair !!!
Ladies! Hygiene is a foundation of existence.
It was in times of my fathers when people thought: 'It will eventually become less dirty when you don't wash it.'
Almost everyone dye their hair, and everyone know that washing it takes out the colour. But it's like oxygen and breathing - it always goes together !!!
If you want to get drunk you'll pay for it the next day.
There's action and consequence.
Hair is just the same part of your body as skin and teeth. It gets dirty in the same way. Biological process doesn't stop 3cm above your eyebrows.
When your hair goes greasy or feels a bit eww hide it in a bandana or wear a hat, it's getting close to winter anyway.
When your hair feels eww or greasy WASH IT !!!
It is more than repulsive to put on 'it' anything. The smell, the look. Hopefully you won't meet your dream guy that day !
I would like to go a step further and suggest:
WASH IT Before it feels eww !!!
I cherish glamour every day, all day and strongly disagree with this what I'm reading at Miss K blog. 
Also comments made me really disappointed:
Totally agree! being a faux red for 15 years the best thing you can do is not wash it! I wash mine twice a week max and it keeps the colour in so much longer and its not good to wash your hair lots anyway as it strips the hair of natural oils :)

'Natural Oils' !!!??? is there anything like this??? you mean Filth and Stench?
I guess/hope you're not single girls, for your own sake, suspecting laziness.
Blonde, Red... agree with consequences. It is fading but maintenance can NOT be hold by grease and lack of hygiene on your head !!!
I'll take it as Delirium.

However she is one of my favourites.
For Delirium was once Delight. And although that was long ago now, even today her eyes are badly matched: one eye is a vivid emerald green, spattered with silver flecks that move, her other eye is vein blue.

Monday, 6 February 2012

hair setting and pincurls

Before my cat Wiktor will finish with this book completely,

 I decided to save some images and store it here. I bought it some time ago on eBay. It's rather copy of a copy of some notes, binded together and sold as a 'book'.
I believe it's no longer available.

In pin curls:

- it is possible to sleep in it
- it is the fastest way to make your hair in the morning, you just have to master combing and brushing over your palm 
- it is always easier to put it together, in case we can't achieve the target
- you have to put your whole head into to a hairspray to keep it alive (and have it in your purse)
- and kilos of styling mousse 
- do it on almost dry hair
- use straight bobby pins (so they don't deform the curl)
- don't expect to look sexy or even nice after you finish ... pincurling 

I, personally, can't see much difference between most of these pattern. But well here they are:

When you do it... just think about the result. 
It can be striking !!!