Saturday, 16 October 2010

Movies from 50s

The best source of 50s look is in old movies.
All clothes, accessories, shoes, lingerie...everything is there. Especially hairstyles! Nothing is as good as movies.
I like also these showing old times and made nowadays simply because sexuality is shown. Original ones are rather short of passionate scenes.
So that is the first and primary step to know 40s and 50s and of course whatever period you want to know. However from 30s down movies may be a bit heavy: silent movies or very unclear image and sound.

You can find plenty of lists on the net suggesting what you should see, but me personally...
I worship these ones !!! :

All about Eve - 1950
Black and white. Amazingly built action. Really interesting. Marilyn Monroe passes here and there.
Mostly Bette Davis who's really a true star in this movie. Excellent movie about a sexy psycho :)

How to marry a millionaire - 1953
Who doesn't know this movie! Marilyn Monroe - Betty Grable. It's a simple romance - comedy but dresses are really something! And in color.

Since I've seen it I got obsessed with a long elegant house coat / bath robe.

...and this amazing dress which all you know. I'm sorry - here black and white.
Photo: Marilyn probably with a stylist

In the beginning Betty Grable comes in this sapphire-blue dress with pinkish petticoat. It looks really volumetric.
I wonder how many layers does it have?  
What is it made from??

Sunset Boulevard - 1950
YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE!! Film Noir - My favourite type!
You won't find here really original 50s clothing. The main star is Gloria Swanson as famous Norma Desmond.
She playes kind of herself... Gloria Swanson was very famous silent movie star. Her carrier went down together with cinematography development.
She was already a lady getting closer to forty and she didn't feel well in current fashion style. Her waist wasn't so tiny anymore and that was the main key in fashion.
So stylist proposed her Dior new look.
Beautiful black and white. Camera man used to spread powder before shooting house scenes to make a picture more special.

Sorry wrong number - 1948
Another classic noir with Barbara Stanwyck. She has created so many movies in this style. Amazing actress. Her voice and unique features of the face are worth seeing.
And the best news! This one you can watch on youtube :)
Search it as: 'sorry wrong number part 1'
You can see some clothes and hairstyles, everything in 40s style.
But I'd say you'll get into action.
Sick rich woman suddenly accidently hears on the phone conversation of two men planning a murder...

By the way, some other movies you can easily watch on youtube with Barbara Stanwyck. All in the same diagram.

Double Indemnity

Thelma Jordan - 1950
I haven't finish this one yet. Noir.
Thelma Jordan part 1

Marriage on the rocks - 1965
I know it is 60s in color but it's worth it! It is funny. There are some appreciate garments.
I forced even my boyfriend to watch it :)

Deborah Kerr became a bit forgotten actress.
But she's very nice to look at in 'An affair to remember', 'From here to eternity'.

All Hitchcock movies. So good glance at 1940s 1950s and 1960s.
You can find there everything. Style, glamour, divas and all stylizations you need.

To catch a thief - 1955

I confess - 1953

Dial M for Murder - 1954

I'll give only some examples of these which you can fully watch on the net :)
Rebecca - 1940
..well as far as I remember you can not find here so glamorous gowns..but for sure mistery
Rebecca part 1

Notorious - 1946
I love Cary Grant!
Notorious part1

Lifeboat - 1943
a bit of glamour but only in the first scenes so if you want it now..leave this film for later
lifeboat part 1

This post is already too long. I could write and write about these old movies. I'll try to write about most important currently. I watch them all the time...whatever I do, yoga, painting, repairing my vintage clothes.
I rent them from video rental, from library or try to find on youtube - which is not easy sometimes.
And the last thing! Movies recommended by Dita von Teese:

'Ziegfeld Girl' and 'Pin Up Girl' you can find in the whole piece on the net :)
Let me know if you have problems, maybe I can help.
Number 1,3,6 I'm still looking.

So get inspired! and study 50s 40s look.