Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dita legend frames

Can't look at yourself? Need a change?
I mean something more than just spending £200 on bras and knickers on sale...
There are only few things you can do; change your hair colour, do Botox or buy new frames
Lady in fancy optician salon tried to accuse me of wearing blank lenses but quickly I won this battle. -0,5 and -0,75 with -1 astigmatism in one eye. Yes!!!!!!

I thought stick to what you know..Dior cd 3207

So decided at first to get what I already have just in different color. Old reliable frame that's getting cheaper and cheaper facing end of production line.

Or dolce gabbana dg 3071 that I used as my sunglasses. 
Maybe white? Pink? Just to make me look even more suspicious..

And then suddenly after few weeks Rhonda Byrne with her "secret" brought me Dita von teese frames!!! Immediately in some sick state of extase started to research the net, photos and calling around all shops in London. 
I run around london like crazy shooting selfies since that's the only way how you can find out about yourself and frames.
Definitively recommend large wine before so others get drained to your good aura and propose to shot photos of you. Everyone.. Staff, people shopping...


One lady run out after me just to tell me "even if it cost fortune take it!!!"
So decided Dita Velour. Have no idea why everywhere they tried to sell it for 430-460 + lenses and first shop I went to offered me £340 and lenses for free in special offer.

£ 340 + free lenses with antiscratch and uvblock
additional £45 and will get you self cleaning... (what?)

They did try to convince me I need self cleaning ones for £45 already half priced but No.
Which color?? A little bit here, a little bit there and you know it.

Someone in the eye company informed me that dior and all those fancy brands are simply a shit. Produced in China from cheap materials with printed sign made in Italy where someone probably only put a tiny screw after frames arrive from Asia just to say we made it here. It gets easily damaged, distorted, and goes out of production quickly. It's a shit.
I said but I have dior...
Yes, I know- said gently...
Offered me to make Dita velour in nocolor means pure crystal for only £300.
Or any other shape or colour since they produce own frames. Not bad!! Something to think of if you want to go crazy or recreate vintage.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Capri Pedal Pushers

Hard to distinguish one from the other.
What according to Vivien of Holloway is pedal pushers is Capri according to Wikipedia and the other way around.
Most likely VOH is simply wrong.
I did buy grey VOH pedalpushers in my apparently rare size since it took me a year or so to get it in quite neutral color. 

The problem is; it's cotton which is good and bad because very quickly it gets creased.
Waist is tight but leg trousers are too wide for my taste.

(red patent leather calvin klein flats, trashy diva ginger jacket, red VOH wide belt, pink cotton gingham shirt, bobbie jerome velvet clutch bag)

The only trousers I'd like to try are cigarette pants from Freddies of pine wood

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

1950s Rembrandt and tailoring

It's been a long time....
been here and there, mostly at some point of my life and few places as well
But I'm back now


Still spending money like crazy on vintage slips, petticoats, bags and dresses and my new hobby:
paying for tailoring my clothes !!!

Must say took me a while to give it a try.
So basically if you simply don't want to buy a new one, give your old one to a tailor.
My dressmaker is terribly expensive but it's only because I'm lazy and have her in my working place.
So nice to be able to afford it... being lazy I mean.

bought on eBay £18
Yes!!! for free!!!
genuine 1950s Rembrandt - one of my favorite 

...and there was a problem. Can you see those weird triangles, kind of hip extensions?
Perhaps back then when this crispy taffeta - the dress doesn't stretch a bit - was still crispy it made sense but when I put it on looked like drunk and creased 80's mad lady.

So my unappreciated me as a regular customer expensive dressmaker estimated:
  • decolletage seams reinforcement
  • removing those hips and creating nice line
  • back widening using fabric taken from hip area
  • sleeves shortening to avoid fabric sticking to elbow area and tearing the back
  • adjusting in waist
  • changing the zip
TOTAL: £45

 (stockings black point heel GIO... im wearing 9, Miss L Fire Cinderella black)

So before wearing it for the first time the dress unexpectedly disappeared in the flat during floor changing.
When she - dressmoneydrainingmaker - asked me have I worn it yet... and I said

-No, I lost it but hopefully in my flat. Can't find it for two months now. So angry about it.
-You're angry !!!!!! What do you want me to say!!! So much work!!! - and money I paid you, I thought, so as far I'm concerned I could even burn it without remorse for this price- You have to find it!!! Keep looking!!!!!!
She made me feel guilty so I found it among old paints and brushes in my 'shed'.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A bit of Class and Glamour under the Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! It's time to work on  our self improvement. Especially for those who like to be lazy and mobilize only for a reason. 
Let's go back to the past, to those golden days!

Let's promise ourselves larger dose of glamour - since more is always better than less - and more satisfaction from life.

Especially nowadays when all values disappear with a blink of an eye. Women wander around the streets basically naked, people have sex on the side walk (yes, strange London streets at 4am) and art of casual conversation is dying. 
Maybe the art of any conversation or rather art of thinking vanishes.... 
It just happened I met a girl who's name didn't stick to my brain, unfortunately, who got this strange need to talk to me. She approached me with a question:
- How do you do your hair?
I didn't have time, willingness and found it boring but still I answered.
- Your hair is so damaged, it looks so bad, no shine at all. I !!! take care of my hair very much that's why it's so nice besides I don't want to become bald. It will fall out.
And she disappeared.

Perhaps it's my environment or could it be me?
If yes, could it be 'Dave' my workmate? Random guy asked him: 
- Are you Dave? 
- No, I'm not. 
- Are you sure? You look just like Dave. 
- Who is Dave anyway?
- You know; this fat guy.

However now when I think of it... I had (I'd like to emphasize Had) a friend, lady G., who as my guest, under my roof, using my electricity and hospitality practised the same art of conversation. Once, during London trip day, she asked me.. 
-So, what kind of perfumes do you use?
After very detailed pictured I built for her including Where, How much and Why I love so much Agent Provocateur she just simply replied:
- Because you smell like an old lady.

I've been thinking about myself What do I do wrong? Am I not aggressive enough? too patient? ...or really...?
But then if you've ever experienced such thing and have doubts just look at this persons life:
depression, failure, complexes or - simple explanations always work - stupidity. I admit it warms me up from inside and brings sentimental memories from Denmark that is living it's own life fortunately without me and ... I smile.
I know, it all starts with parents, so how can you blame them.
Let's promise ourselves (hopefully - They will do as well) something no one can buy or receive; 

more Class for next year.

Savoir vivre is French and means living a good life while staying elegant and smart. (noun)

And let's remember - the art of saying Get lost is as well important.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Doing Blonde

"I color my own hair, too. I hate beauty salons. I just hate them. I hate them because I hate making appointments for something else, another appointment, and I hate spending the money. I like to have my hair freshly dyed every two weeks without fail, and I like to color on my own time while I’m multitasking. Plus, black hair is easy; if you do streaks and highlights it’s different."
Same as Dita I hate appointments and spending money for something I can perfectly well or even better do at home. I'll never get to british pedicurist again simply because HeRe they do like to keep nails from quite to very long and last time when this nice lady told me to put my sandals on, shyly I said 'I think it's not dry yet.' and 5min later I was marching home. Never!! Ever! go to Bonds Beauty Salon in Northampton - 25 The Drapery. When I got home I had to do it all over again. 

I couldn't stand waiting period for waxing appointments. How hairy you have to become!!!
And what about brazilian waxing? Twice I was send home because there was nothing to work on.
Terrible and undignified.
On top of it you spend a lot of money.

I'm not saying there are no excellent professionals, but you need to go through many rotten tomatoes (never ever go to hattbox hairdressing on Kettering Road in Northampton, unless you want to find my back hair that felt off and maybe is still somewhere there) to find the right one and if your excellent hairdresser dies (for example...) you start the whole searching cycle from the beginning. 
I already lost major part of my back hair before I found So Great Matrix studio: Christian Wiles Hairdressing in Northampton. After I discovered there Harry-the-Cypriot with his bushy, black, curly (?) hair that he treats as his private experimental lab, I had to leave Northampton behind. And after I decided with myself I can travel, why not?! it appeared my days off are usually Sundays and Mondays just as Harrys. 
So getting back to the point.

I am the best service for myself, reliable and cost free, always available for depilating, waxing, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows regulation and darkening even brazilian waxing - yes, it is possible.
I know myself and I know no one will do it better.
And how I hate to pay for it!

I understand that nowadays women just can't or refuse to do things around themselves - sometimes even the most basic. 

But just because the world is going down doesn't mean there are no ladies who can keep their own glamour in shape.
So finally I made very significant progress...for the first time I dyed -me- my own -by myself- hair.
I dyed my hair blonde.

As I rarely see the light I still don't know how this colour looks like in daytime but so far so good.

You see, I've been told by a hairdresser so many times that it's impossible to do it yourself and even smallest attempt may leave you with green hair, yellow hair or no hair at all.
That is why most of my life I spend flashing with my dark roots.
I've always experienced highlights that are the most expensive option you can get. In UK for medium hair you'll pay 100-150 GBP excluding toner, cut, drying, styling, conditioning and so on, of course! So it's not only the most durable process but the cheapest (for salons) as well as destructive since hair tend to break.

I started to gather all informations. Mostly what I found was the question 'I have this hair dye, what kind of developer do I use?' and the answer 'you won't be able to do it yourself anyway (implication: you're armless or brainless) and your hair will fall off. Professional products can be used only by professionals (developer and hair dye mix mystery: 3 times right and 4 times left) and you're definitively not the one so get lost. Besides you have ugly roots. With love. A hairdresser.'

Until I discovered Blond Bunny who is a blonde obsessed lady with professional hairdressing experience. She shares email address so you can ask her any questions and send photos. 
Ladies, you wish you could speak Polish now!
At first I didn't hope for an answer but then I got one a day after.
She put me on the right direction, told me what kind of Matrix dye I should use and what kind of developers. What not to even think of and precisely how much time to keep it on. 
And everything advised in the way I lOve the most: with bursting confidence. 
Only one conclusion: She knows what she's saying.

I already knew shades I wanted:
Matrix SoColor 10N mixed half/half with 10G.
Previous one made by Harry was 11AA but I found it maybe too yellowish...
That's actually the Creamy Blonde recipe from MatrixFamily but used with different developers.
As I like all cool colours I wanted to get a bit different blonde shade and perhaps it appeared to be too warm but hey! now... Sky is the limit!!!
or rather online shopping in Pak Cosmetics.
I can mix and test.

Before I decided to do the full head I made some try out on a piece. As you see it was already tragic and I had only two options: 
-wait another month for Northampton trip or 
- just do it.
It was difficult to put it on at the back of the head but since now on I only expect improvement.

I just need to find out how to move glycolic peels to my Home SPA...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Miss Twinkle doesn't twinkle anymore

Discovery that Miss Twinkle doesn't twinkle anymore left me heartbroken. 
I've been checking Miss Twinkle blog from time to time and it always made me feel good looking at those photos of a girl in Germany who has a passion and imagination and no problem to be whom she wants to be. And that's probably still the case just not that colorful anymore.
Because you see, that's the thing... if someone stepped on the path where you can do what you want to do -I mean check her photos. Do you see many ladies like this running around you?- how can you just exchange it to something so ordinary and in-daily-use.

Well, I've been thinking about it and maybe there's depression behind it, boredom or someones blackmail perhaps.
I wanted to tell her 'Girl! get yourself together! Try new hairstyle, read a book, have some wine or change your lipstick!' but the world of Miss Twinkle is already over, she said officially Goodbye and started her New Blog in Jeans and sweater. Enough is enough, obviously.
But what will happen now with all those dresses and accessories! 
I hope I'll have a chance to bid on some of them.
I wouldn't be surprised if from 40s/50s Miss Twinkle would travel to 70s or even middle age   -I've been in few shops with costumes like that, Wow! that's expensive.
But to travel to 'sweatpants'?
It made me think of Miss H...once she asked my man to donate her his old, used, torn army trousers so she - I repeat ShE - will wear it at home. Fortunately my smart cat peed on it - or he didn't?hmmm.. - and I didn't have to travel with those from DK to UK.

Why!!!??? is the question. Feeding our inspiration and developing imagination, and the other way around.
It's who you are, not what you do.
How you express yourself. 
Inspiration. In the times of crisis search for the meaning of this word. 


  • 1 [mass noun] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative:Helen had one of her flashes of inspirationthe Malvern Hills have provided inspiration for many artists
  • the quality of being inspired:a rare moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display
  • [count noun] a person or thing that inspires:he is an inspiration to everyone
  • divine influence, especially that supposed to have led to the writing of the Bible.
  • 2a sudden brilliant or timely idea:then I had an inspiration
  • 3 [mass noun] the drawing in of breath; inhalation:crackling sounds are heard in the stethoscope on inspiration


Middle English (in the sense 'divine guidance'): via Old French from late Latin inspiratio(n-), from the verbinspirare (see inspire)

Breathing problems or no will pass eventually!!!
And if there's a crisis it's better to do Nothing and wait for it to pass than to castrate your ideas and ending up in leggings. Do you recognize this lady?

I like to think Miss Twinkle has been forced to give up her full skirt... perhaps there was a life threat and who knows what else! 

That's why...
I forgive you!