Thursday, 14 October 2010

1920's - 1930's

As my friend says 'It was a great time!!! They have been taking all kind of drugs and as much as they could because they thought it's harmless! The biggest party on the world!'

It happens that I don't really like it...especially I'm not so fond of 20s.
30s much more. When the waist went up and the shape became more specific.
But it didn't matter yesterday :) I was invited to a 'murder' party. The game - Guess who is a murderer.
The whole script written by my friend who has been playing for years.

It is 1927 at Cranthrope Manor the summer home of Sir Philip and Lady Irma Williams in the south west of England. They have had several guests over to stay and one of them, William Fort-Pitt, has been murdered. After initial enquiries have eliminated the staff as suspects; only the guests remain. It is up to you to figure out who is the killer.

My role:
Lady Irma Williams né Brown
Already twice married she appeared on the European social scene in Paris 6 years ago after divorcing her first husband a Texan cattle millionaire. Her second husband Le Compte de Ville died aged 86 leaving her fabulously wealthy and according to her heartbroken; within the year she had married one of London's most eligible bachelors.

A woman who enjoys the finer things in life, she likes to show her wealth and truly believes that diamonds are a girls best friend.

 I had a little problem. I don't really wear jewellery. I think that 40s and 50s are so colorfull itself that extra accessories may be inept. These shapes and fabric prints! So better less than more.
Anyway I improvised a bit. Dress maybe 80s bleee.. and some very ugly plastic necklace. I really don't like this effect...but well, it's not my strong side :)

But whom I really admire is Dita von Teese describing all past decades (the most important ones) in her Burlesque - Fetish book.

Dita's book is one of the best about glamour that I have. So inspiring!
All about corsets and different styles. Some latex clothes and being beautiful all the time.
I bought it on where it was the cheapest offer that time.
You can always get it second hand from ebay or of course look there for a new one.
But if you love glamour you have to have it.

Anyway appeared that my sister Molly shot Pit, whos name was actually Krackburger, because he blackmailed her. Some years ago she had her own brothel :) and it could destroy her engagement with Rev. Gavin.
Next time I hope someone will be killed in 1940s or 1950s. Early 60s still accepted!

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