Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hollywood Makeover

Who's never bored with oneself? 
So long time passed since I've had black hair but I still aim for something new. I'm not so keen on testing everything on myself so I got ecstatic when I found 
on InStyle website !!!
It allows so perfectly to fit  a hairstyle that it's breathtaking.
Though...I wouldn't rely on blonde there. Unless you're after carrotish yellowish orange shade. Anyway black is black, brown is brown but blonde may be many things.
Not only hairstyle but even make up, eyebrows, lances and so on... particular products available on market. All Dior lipstick shades!!!
Amazing thing! true makeover but not always Hollywood.

Even my man started to appreciate blonde hair that he so hated not longer than a week ago. 
I've always wondered perhaps I'm like hidden Dita and total change can only be better.

No Dita but an old hag would fit me better. Definitively it could improve my drinking image.

And in the morning without a drop of makeup and unbrushed eyebrows I would glow among greyness of British weather.

Maybe a bit lighter but still 'natural coloured' I thought...

It's just like Jessica Biel in Tall Man

Some misunderstanding for the movie requirements but never on the street. But fortunately soon in November again brighter in Hitchcock.

With no makeup -sometimes scary- but essential since you'd have to live with it. And dark brown, as many people think after giving themselves rights to advice, 'would look so much better on you!!!' Once I even heard 'your face is like your hair, both yellow. You have to change it to get a contrast.' Putting on the side a question Why do we live in times of peasants who think they can comment negatively and in public looks of others - strangers? 
I checked how lovely I would shine every morning.

So I thought well...maybe red then on my row face which is basically blue and pink - summer type features.

This application is great! totally fulfilled my need for Red Mad Man. Maybe in my second life.

Because my aunt is coming so soon I already stated relaxing process since I know she will again insist on 'short and easy-to-do geometrical hairstyle' and that makes me wonder How come I encourage people to give me advices I don't look for.
In the morning...

with a bit of decency... (personally I don't get it how women can leave home even without a bit of concealer or mascara or regulated eyebrows or unbrushed hair)
unbelievable program!!!

It's the only option I've never even considered that appeared to be flattering especially with a glass of wine. Can you still roll pin curls here ???

But perhaps just as Jessica in Easy Virtue should keep that image ...

I should just stay as always I am.

It is so great to be a woman and so dull to be a man !!! - I would imagine...


  1. Love your little film of you in a bubble Lola, very cute. I think you really suit the black hair as well as the red elfin haircut. But your blonde is beautiful too. So many choices in this life! xx

  2. agreed!
    the little gif on the top of the site is GREAT!

    I like the black option especially with the beautiful frames (love the glasses!)
    Blond is so versitile tho

  3. Thanks Girls !!!
    'Film' is from Air Force Museum. I love to go wild among military antiques!

    Agata, you know what to do - Dior CD 3207.
    It's worth more than it's price.

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