Saturday, 20 August 2011

Mr G. on the wedding

You have to be really naive and limited to think that what you wear is meaningless and unimportant. Clothes that we choose every day send  a message. Everything you do or think is right there displayed to others. Nr.1 They'll judge you by the look.

If you wear tight white trousers with sticking out or just seen through g string, even with extra glimmering gadgets that you think is glamorous, together with tiny pink top – even fallowing the rule max. 2 colours -  people most likely will take you as a hooker. If you add tanned/ burnt face, pink lipstick  and long nails, with flowers and rhinestones, so long that make you disabled, surely they’ll think so. It occurred to me recently that most of these girls don’t have hooker – wanna – be – look target.

What we wear is as important as what colour we wear. What coloristic type are we? 
In contrasts you can easily disappear if your natural shades are rather pale or pastels. 
Don’t wear white shoes! Unless you’re Tyra Banks or Naomi. (If you do search perhaps you’re there already.)
Of course gadgets! glasses make you look smart – that’s obvious. Long, hanging woollen bag gives you hippie touch. Clutch bag makes you more acceptable if you’re dresses up as 100% granny. The most important is to be aware of making a decision.

Mr G.
My boyfriend’s best friend…let’s say Mr G. - he has some requirements about his name spelling, something with s or z in the end so I'll make it short. 
So mr. G appeared on his friend’s wedding looking like a homeless. It is his general daily and the only style that suppose to express his ignorance and ‘I’m over this and that and everything’ posture. But when he celebrated that day in his common outfit he interpreted this as ‘they want me to feel comfortable – Of course!’.
Of course! During their wedding there’s no point to show a bit of respect. There’s no point to put any effort to give a bow to their preparation, celebration and all event which was supposed to be not the ordinary one…at least for them. 
Not for Mr G. 
Mr G. got confused. He thought this wedding day is actually celebration of Him!

He performed in washed and asymmetrically stretched T-shirt, in probably more than used and reused jeans longer than himself – in the end he collected with his trouser legs all dirt, mud and everything you can imagine to meet on the sidewalk – extremely hairy which gave him a look of unwashed and on top of it – just like a last touch of lipstick – 5m long hand made (badly hand made) looking scarf. Everything in these washed-out yellowish, greenish, reggae colours, not really flattering in Mr G's case. This way he decided to celebrate the wedding of him and himself.

I only regret he didn’t get the solo dance – before the married couple did - with trolley filled up with plastic bottles and pieces of used newspapers.

Yes! to Art. No! to Mr G.

If you wish to be extravagant … be! But don’t mix up extravagance with Mr G.
Mr G desperately asks for attention and like megalomaniac guru is looking for blind sheeps praising him in unquestionable love. He doesn’t deal with disapprovals and objections. That’s why Mr G may sound extravagant but in reality he’s hiding himself in the crowd everyday all day. Sticking out his nose only when he feels he’s admired. You can see it when you look at him. He objects any traditional form but have no guts to replace it with anything else. He becomes just a small clone of someone who stands next to him.
It might be tempting... to fallow his steps. As every guru of any sect he will force his ideas on you. He believes he's the absolute power and knowledge. You might feel like breaking. In the end everyone - even Mr G. wants to be accepted...somehow.

Extravagance and glamour will go only with brains. 
Think! Before you leave the house. 
Think! Before you appear on someone’s wedding.
Put pieces of your character in your clothes. It’s not war time, everything is available in every price range. Look around and take a second to compare yourself to others. You’re different - obviously - so why not to accent it. Wisely.

"Boredom is the biggest disease on the world."

Yes! to extravagance and glamour.
No! to Mr G.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Midnight Face

I decided!
I'm going to cut my hair.
In few weeks... because I just visited my hairdresser.
'Midnight' and Claudette Colbert inspired me yesterday night.

Just the only risk I'm taking is to make my face similar to full moon. I tend to look really chubby.
So I would so appreciate an opinion or two.... if you appear here accidentally.... 
What do You think ?
Am I really close to give myself a Midnight Face?

Monday, 8 August 2011

spending time on youtube ...

I really can't believe that since I've moved I'm still without internet...
So I'm waiting patiently spending my time on watching all old movies I can find on youtube and still looking for inspiration.
Since I've found Xilisoft Download Youtube Video (I know it sounds like advertisement...) I don't have to worry that something I'm interested in will suddenly disappear!
What I can recommend you is:

To be or not to be

Fallow it HERE


Witness for the prosecution

Come September 

Lady for a day

Easy Living

Love affair

Lover come back

I was so disappointed with Black Dahlia with Veronica Lake...who said about herself:
"I wasn't a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie."