Friday, 18 May 2012

My Uniform - 40s trousers

I am working on adjusting my uniform to my personal norms and still keeping it in 'what's right' and on the edge of 'what's wrong'. Some are disappointed with working hours, some with wages... no matter how it sounds, I am very disappointed with my new uniform. 
I arrived in pencil - verypppencil - black skirt and black seamed stockings just to hear that only trousers while they handed me polyester formless creation. 
I nearly fainted, decided no to sleep and went shopping the next day.
Unfortunately it is impossible to find in shops for ordinary mortals trousers made of cotton +-mix with high tight waist and wide legs means Swing 40s Trousers. By tight, I mean 12-13 inches difference between hips and waist. 
For today's standards I should definitively get few litres of filler on my belly. I tried, moving buttons, creating gathers with not 'so so' but only 'so' effect.  
I travelled through miles of Clothes Reproduction websites and Vintage Online Shops.
Sure you can find 40s trousers, but black? no.

There's Vivien of Holloway, 55GBP my first choice.
I've called, I've been there and I've written few times and they don't expect to produce black cotton trousers in the nearest future however once a month they have this kind of inquiry. Vivien of Holloway makes the best waistline ever !

Tara Starlet stick only to non black production for crazy 60 GBP.

Heydays almost fulfilled my dreams. I was ready to pay 55GBP - a lot! and accept polyester viscose mix but then they don't have my size. Even though Ms Helen insisted brown chock is oh so dark! I didn't proceed. However they expect to have more sizes in stock quite soon.

Lady - K - Loves poly viscose mix with a lot of stretch in black for kind 35GBP. Again not in my size... coming soon! does look strange this front view...
Then after digging in Etsy I found a girl in US who is so willing to make 40s trousers from any fabric with any details I want. But for 80GBP plus 20GBP delivery and 3weeks of constructing it and around 2 weeks of delivery and possibly xGBP for tax. I'm still not sure if ever I should go for it.. it's expensive, I assume it should be worth it, but what if there are some changes necessary? another 3 months of shipping and waiting.

hmmmm... I have to start collecting beige clothes...
There is a family business very active on eBay. They create 40s clothes from genuine vintage patterns. Few years ago I considered some shopping there but I didn't like they do use tones of polyester. Desperate I wrote emails asking if there's a chance to get one black pair in cotton mix. 'Maybe later, not now, soon..' and then suddenly I got a paypal invoice and the package one day after payment. And there it was... black 40s 100% nice cotton trousers made from pattern in my size! I moved buttons a bit and here it is, perfect just as I wanted!! for 35 GBP.

...definitively, if not in motion, looks awkward...