Monday, 4 October 2010


I'm biking. And styling my hair constantly. Definitively these two things don't go together. But I have no choice. Reducing train ticket costs and need of being separated from all these squeezed people forced me to use a bike as my form of transport. Of course it's RED.
So I'm fighting with wind - always. Rain - sometimes. I should sign up finally to the facegroup (polish) group
- Wkurwia mnie wiatr, ktory rozpierdala mi grzywke = I'm pissed because wind fucks my bangs, or something like this...
So the solution is:
I'm scarf-ing.

Took me some time before I found out what I want. And now I know I want only Jacqmar scarves!
Company established in London in ~1932. Existed as supplier of silks, exporting to France. Very fast senior staff realized there's no point to waist offcuts. Company started to produce scarves. So famous for it's creative design. Jacqmar became a part of story of british WW II propaganda textiles.
Unfortunately I haven't found any scarf with propaganda theme..yet.
They advertised as "british designed and british made". And really, quality is impressive. Of course if previous owner haven't made it oily or something. Perfect edges. Perfect colors.
Actually I think it's not only that it's british. All things from 50s-70s have amazing durability.
( aunt still has an old russian depilator which kills all silk - braun plastic shitty equipment...)
So scarves in 50s were treated as 'powerful signifier of female emancipation'.
also in factories - it was necessary - to prevent accidents. Some huge machine could pull your hair and you're dead.

But carefully! Isadora Duncan - american dancer - died during open car ride. She was speeding - probably - in her Bugatti when her scarf was pulled into wheels. So she died in Nice in 1927 as 50 - years old woman.
After this event still public combined the scarf with expression of emancipatory independence in women.

So I'm searching for Jacqmar scarves mostly from 50s (ok. only from 50s) however company had been producing till 70s I think...
Every single one has nice printed name JACQMAR, usually on both edges.
I read somewhere that some may have Arnold Lever printed sign, since he was these beauties designer, at some point.
So let's keep our hair up!
(and me - just simply covered)

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