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mysterious vintage times

Lena Turner

'The postman always rings twice' (1946) made her famous.
However about John Garfield, her partner in the film, she said "Couldn't they at least hire someone attractive?"

She was weel known for dating many men and having many lovers as well as having many husbands.
1. Artie Shaw
Only 4 months and only 19 years old. 
Actually I really like his music !
2. Joseph Steven Crane
Very fast it ended with divorce because Lena discovered he was still married to somebody else. Shortly after Crane tried to commit suicide. After this attempt they got together again for their daughter Cheryl.
3. Henry J. Topping Jr. millionaire
Proposed to her by dropping diamond ring into her martini. Gambling and poor investments destroyed his fortune. It ended with church trial.
4. Lex Barker actor
Her daughter wrote in her book that he molested and raped her.
5. Frederick May rancher
6. Robert P. Eaton movie producer
7. Ronald Pellar nightclub hypnotist
After 6 months of marriage he disappeared with 35.000$ check written by Lena. Later on she accused him of stealing her jewellery worth 100.000$

"My goal was to have one husband and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around."

Lana met Johnny Stompanato during the spring of 1957. He was a former US Marine who became a bodyguard working for gangster Mickey Cohen. His jealousy led him to the set of 'Another time, another place' where Lena performed with Sean Connery. Connery hit Johnny and took away his gun.
Few months later, still motivated by his jealousy he had an argument with Lana in her residence 730 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills. Cheryl, her 14 year old daughter, in her mothers defence stabbed Johnny with kitchen knife. 
It was later recognised as justifiable homicide.
I've seen her in few family movies.

Jean Spangler

American dancer, model, actress. She was married once for 4 years. Marriage with manufacturer Dexter Benner ended with divorce. She had a custody over their daughter Christine. 

On October day 1949, she left her daughter with her sister in law. She was suppose to meet her ex-husband regarding child support payment and later on get to the movie set. Sister in law field missing person report the next day. She was seen by the shop last time, waiting for someone.
Her ex-husband stated he had no contact with Jean for several weeks. His freshly married wife was his alibi. Soon her purse was found near gate to Griffith Park in Los Angeles and strange letter to 'Kirk' inside:
 "Can't wait any longer, Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away,..."
At that time she brought very small contribution into a film 'Young Man with a Horn' with Kirk Douglas. Before police found any connection Kirk Douglas called and informed them he's not the one from the letter and he never had possibility to meet Jean personally.

Family finally admitted she was 3 month pregnant and she was planning to visit medical student to have an abortion which was illegal. The student was never found.
Jean had some connection to David Ogul who also disappeared 2 days after she did. 
They were seen in hotel in Mexico, El Paso. For years she was searched internationally and she's still listed as a missing person.
During next few years she was seen in Northern and Southern California, Phoenix, Arizona and Mexico City.

Jean's mother always accused her ex-husband.

Mickey Cohen

David Ogul was connected to Mickey Cohen, L.A. gangster acting in 30s - 60s.
Everything is here in Mysteries and scandals !! few parts.

Black Dahlia

Elisabeth Short was found Leimert Park district of Los Angeles on January 15, 1947, west side of South Norton Avenue midway between Coliseum Street and West 39th Street. (34°0′59.19″N 118°19′58.51″W)

Her body was cut in half and her face was cut in 'glasgow smile'.
As many murders this one was never solved. 
In spite of how colourful 40s - 50s were, police and law stayed in a grey zone. I think that half of all murders were actually committed by police officers themselves. Who cared about justice and clues and evidences? 
There's a book.
Movie The Black Dahlia, which is extremely slooow and sadly a bit boring - in my opinion.
much more exciting than the movie is this link.

Thelma Todd

So beautiful and gifted actress.

She took part in around 120 movies. Got involved with director already married Roland West. They lived very close to each other. All of them. Thelma owned a cafe, Roland owned restaurant. She was just about to open a night club in the same area. 
Officially she died of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, locked in garage, was found in a car with motor running.

There are many theories... but the most possible would be that Roland was a domineering person and never liked Thelma's love to parties and fun.
That's why when he gave her deadline that night, she was on the party, and she ignored that, he locked up her residence so when she finally got to another garage he closed the door behind her just to teach her a lesson. It was December, cold winter so she simply turn on the car to keep herself warm.

But other possibilities which I found on this Blog could be:

1. All of this is mere conspiracy theory, and the poor girl just fell asleep.
2. Roland West wanted to break off the relationship and decided to bump her off. He had a girlfriend who looked like Todd perform the kick and scream routine outside while he knocked her out and left her in her car with the motor running.
3. Lucky Luciano wanted to use her club for illegal gambling and she refused. You don't mess with Lucky Luciano.
4. She was murdered by her ex-husband Pat DiCicco
5. She was having bouts of depression and many financial troubles, indicating that she may have actually committed suicide

What's important, "Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Cafe" still exists and it's located nearby at 17575 Pacific Coast Highway, just west of Sunset Blvd.

Very often I meet this on youtube Monkey Business 1931. I guess I should finally go through this.

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