Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Marriage by Eric Stanton

"The best of luck my boy and remember, in marriage, there's nothing that can't be settled by a smaller corset, higher heel, a tighter restraint or a more severe gag."

Eric Stanton lived in September 30, 1926–March 17, 1999.
Created in 50s and up.
New Yorker. Studied in Illustrators and Cartoonists School.

When he was young we worked in the carnival as knife thrower.
"Bound in Leather" is my Favourite !!!
"It's always fun to be tied up, but it's especially delightful to be tied by your husband."

Have a look at this summary and consider:
I got it from my Love.
575 stimulating pages.

"Black's the color of Love and Surrender.
If all wives wore long, black stockings and displayed them for their husbands, there would be far fewer divorces."

It's a pure SM story about small family...
A young man meets unusual lady one evening in the Opera or Theatre.
He notices something strange about her. Her moves and body are limited. She wears tight leather shoes and corset...(as far as I remember)
Anyway, they start conversation and very fast this bounded lady invites him home.
Young man is so fascinated he just can't say No. 
It appears she's a lady of the house. Her husband is away at the moment and there's only 
her daughter and a maid at home.

This is a family which share a passion to domination, leather bounding, being tied up ...
But only women are dominated. Men are leaders and guardians.
So the young man is looking around the house and he's asked to tied her up.

Owners of the house like to hang their photos presenting special positions and outfits.

Maid is the one who brings ropes and other accessories when she's asked. She brings long leather shoes and young man tries out his skills and he ties up the lady of the house.

He's intrigued by the daughter when he hears that for another hour she's training. Which means she's gagged, tied and locked in a special suitcase. He's asking to meet her and so she's brought by maid. Walking suitcase - it's her.

She also has a special mask. Leather or latex... plus gag make her face a bit changed.

As soon as she gets out of the suitcase she decides to make a joke. She manages to encourage the young man to help her and she gags her mother...

...and put maid into the box.

She writes on a piece of paper (she can't talk in this outfit) if this young man would like to go for a ride. He dresses her up in long leather shoes, up to groin area and latex dress.
She's driving but he steers her. As far as I remember they go to her family's summer house.

She doesn't want to be set free. So he hangs her on the huge chandelier.

Her parents arrive quite fast. Both of them.
The wife is silent because of course she's dressed up properly for going out. Latex + leather + gag. When men get to know each other, husband and father ties his wife for a while - obviously not to leave her just like that wandering around.

Father explains more less how they live. Men often like to put on these plain latex masks different eyes, lips, make-up, hair. It's like a game in having a living doll meanwhile these living dolls take a pleasure and excitement from being in pain and having limited freedom. But it is not about giving someone extreme pain. It is only about giving pain that they want, when and as much as they want.

Young man is invited for a dinner. He get to know the girl better and he proposes to her.

to be continued ...


  1. Laura from Berlin3 November 2011 at 19:12

    This is absolutely disgusting. This reflexts the role model of a woman in the 50ies. I agree and I do like the fashion from that era as well. But I often ask myself, can I addapt it without seing the social part. It is actually iextricably linked with each other.
    But these pictures show that t woman has to be at the man´s disposal. In any way as it is shown.

  2. In the world of fetish always there's a dominant part. But dominated one will also gain the pleasure. Otherwise it would be molesting. This Eric Stantons story is an EXCEPTION. He shows here women: dominated and satisfied. However I encourage You, Laura, to get to know Stantons art because he was deeply obsessed by a woman - dominatrix; strong, ruling over men, proud and confident. Stanton was a great artist longing to create domineering image of women. However 'Bound in leather' is my favourite one, especially because of beautiful, imaginative drawings so focused on details.
    About the fashion... clothes don't create me. It's me who's choosing it and putting it together. It doesn't make me feel like a toy or only a sexual object (as often it was and is even now) and it never will, because I know what I'm made from and I assure You there's not even a shadow of weakness.
    So Ladies !!!
    More confidence !!!

  3. People do not understand, it's better to be normal like everyone .. I'm going to the store to buy rope.
    Nice day, because my will be nice .