Sunday, 29 January 2012

Lana Del Rey and lips tick

I am absolutely stunned by Lana Del Rey. Her 'video games', 'blue jeans', 'yayo', 'Miss America'/'Trash' are so beautiful. For years nothing enchanted me so. I had a short fling with 'Girl and the Sea' Preset and some fun with Eels. Of course Tori Amos is still my one and only...but Lana Del Ray is special. I hope she won't turn into different directions and stays on more less the same path as it didn't happen with Goldfrapp. 'Felt Mountain' is like a painting. Perfect from the beginning till the end but afterwards, not much happened. 
About Lana Del Rey I like this vintage touch. Her hair, nicely waved, so much upgraded when changed from white - yellowish. Amazing how much class she gained in this new color. 
And it doesn't even matter if she altered her lips or not... now, like that, she looks amazing. Her look went into a good direction. So much appreciation for this new image. She just stopped looking so 'typically'. Piece of Art.

I just don't understand why to deny it. 'Have you done something with your lips?' Why not to just say 'Yes, I did. I feel and in my opinion look more attractive now.'
Does these things influence sale and popularity? Are we really so shallow?
Who cares? I guess she's adult enough to make own decisions. Even if she decides to become a product of music factory, just like a chewing gum in another flavour. Even if all this has nothing to do with her ideas and her creativity. Perhaps she has never even written anything and had nothing to do with her new image idea... as long as she sings like this, it doesn't matter at all.
Lana Production

The more important is... How is it possible she looks so amazing in this hair? In a Satinette colour, the most common natural and the most I-want-to-run-away-from-it. 
I think it's so similar to my roots... I look in it undoubtedly like a Transvestite
Imagine the world where you don't need to dye your hair simply because your natural make you look prefect.
So how is it ???
Maybe it's not hair but lips that make it special.

About lips... I always put something into my ears before I approach cosmetics counter. Even when I say 'No, Thank you. And no, no more bets please! I don't need your advice.' it usually doesn't work and I end up listening to a shop assistant or better, makeup stylist, explaining which color is absolutely stunning for me and how this lip liner fits to this lipstick. That's why few drinks before help a lot.
Then appears on horizon this dangerous threat that I can actually leave with a pink, saumon shade and a lip liner that doesn't match to anything I already have and even doesn't match to the lipstick I just mistakenly bought. 
Sometimes when I feel I'm breaking I just scream 'no pink! no pink! no pink!'
And this is how I successfully became owner of:

Rouge Dior.
638 . Rouge Flamboyant. Blazing Red.

I bought it when my boyfriend asked me to get something more gentle and delicate. I knew I'll never get a pink one so I'm not sure if he's satisfied or just gave up.

With Dior lip gloss. Dior Addict. 077. Crystal Gloss. Makes the red-red just simply soft red. But then after some time it clusters unpleasantly so I rather wear it without.

I use it with very missed lip liner advised by shop assistant in House of Fraser: Chanel. 37.  Framboise. Never do it !!!
It was impossible to match one, even after checking all brands.
But it goes perfectly well with my old and inexpensive, only 3.80EUR, lip liner: Star Gazer. 10.
Also I do have Star Gazer. 135. Lipstick. As red as lip pencil. More than Rouge Dior and more covering and lasting. Star Gazer is a brand I found on

Rouge Dior is not at all constant-like-lipstick. It doesn't like to stick around. It has to be corrected quite often. It doesn't cover very well. But it has light fresh look and doesn't smudge much.
However I'm not going to buy it again. I don't really like the texture. I don't like the package. I'm planning to replace it with Too Faced Runaway Red. 

013. Rouge Bingo. Roulette Red.

I had to have this one after Dita von Teese announced it as her favourite. After all you just need to take advice from someone who uses red lipsticks constantly. 

Shiseido smoothing lip liner. RD 305. is just perfect for Bingo. 
Rouge Bingo stays in place for-almost-ever. Gives just a bit smudging problem, but like ordinary lipstick. It's perfect. Well, balanced lipstick in every way. But the colour is quite definite and strong.

Too Faced.
Drop Dead Red. 

It's definitively the best lipstick I've ever had. The most moisturizing, thick and it lasts and lasts and lasts... but it does smudge easily. It's like fat, greasy cream.
Too Faced has incredible Border Lip Liner. Transparent, kind of wax, used right around border lips so lipstick stays in place. 
Lip liner that perfectly fits for this one: Elizabeth Arden smooth line. Orchid 06.
Just like Diorific, after cleaning there are still some remains, hard to remove. It keeps that well. Colour is dark, deep, described as blue red. Heavy accent. There's something about the thickness and the package and the feeling of moisture lips that definitively I'll get it again and explore some more colours.

Whatever happens, when you wear red lipstick on, check it !!! From time to time, all time long. Never expect it's there and it's fine. 

But how not to leave marks on? 
How do they do it in movies?


  1. you are very very beautiful!
    I love Lana Del Rey, her voice, her image, everything... thank you for your post, I liked your blog

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so disappointed with myself since currently I can't find more time for this blog. I really intend to change it soon! Promise.

  2. yea i had my red..the perfect blue was cheap too!loreal kiss me.discontinued of course!!

  3. This lipstick is like Clarins Jolie Rouge Plum. I've just bought it in Feelunique. I love your looks!

    Regards from Spain.

  4. Great post. I love Lana, and you're absolutely right about her hair colour. I know she's had plastic surgery, but her hair colour (and eyebrows) totally transform her and give her class.

    Loving your blog, by the way.

  5. The latest Dior Rouge,the one with Natalie Portman in the commercial is absolutely great!!!!

    Keep up with the good work on the blog!

    Regards from Romania!