Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Beginning

'I love artificial, man - made beauty.
I like the idea of being whoever you want to be,

not just saying -this is what I've got
-this is what I've been living with'

...said my walking inspiration Dita von Teese.
I love this idea. This is how I see and create myself. So I stuck in 40's and 50's.
I will skip all chauvinistic aspects and focus on pleasant sides: hourglass figure, bombshells, burlesque, some fetish, Hitchcock, glamour... all things that hypnotize me!

pin up for this weekend from my favorite calendar with Gil Elvgren girls - the gratest pin up painter!
On the tree, but still - perfect hairstyle, perfect manicure. Last christmas present from my friend :) cheers me up and inspires everyday.


  1. Jeśli codziennie zastanawiasz się jakie są wystarczające powody aby wstać z łóżka to będzie jeden z nich!

  2. TakTakTAk! troche nawet jestem podekscytowana!

  3. Baby you be famous!