Monday, 1 November 2010

The 1940s look. Recreating the fashions, hairstyles and make-up of the Second World War.

I became a happy owner of  'The 1940s look' written by Mike Brown.
I tried to find some information about the writer but I couldn't. So many Mike Browns...
Anyway he is the author of several books concerning post-war times.

Buying this book I expected glamour and beauty I know from black and white movies.
I didn't expect at all that the whole book focuses on daily life of ordinary people living in war times in UK.

Leitmotiv is:
Recycling - Do it yourself !
If you sew, weave, knit or do something similar, this book is FOR YOU.

How to survive and be glamour or pretty or at least decent when the World ends?
Recycle! In this book you can find many articles taken from original magazines with tips how to make:
a skirt from men's shirt, coat from carpet, dress from curtain and suit from men's trousers.
Read about how to fix destroyed stockings and create raincoat by soaking normal coat in aluminum powder.
It is not surprising if you look at four - year wardrobe plan :

Obviously clothes shortage and past habits brought hygiene issues mentioned here:

I have to confess I haven't read men's and children's part which is equally rebuilt.
Women's look shown in this book comes originally from 1940s periodicals and presents
like this:

There are some hairstyles and to my surprise all are based on permed hair !
It brought me relief because for ages I am trying to recreate vintage hairstyles.
All this sleeping in rollers and bobby pins...chasing permed waves which exist since 1930.

I am also a happy owner of  '1950s look' and I am seriously looking forward to find there some splendour.
Accidently I found a link where you can meet Mr. Mike Brown and hear few sentences about his book:  Mike Brown about his book

I have to admit though it is precise and detailed daily fashion record from 1940s full of facts, photos, articles. And yes, just because it is published in such a nice and neat way it is worth buying.

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