Wednesday, 23 February 2011


When I got home I found in my mail box this amazing nightgown I just bought on eBay!

I have a terrible weakness to all kinds of sleeping clothes, peignoirs, nightgowns... I have a series of silk nightdresses after my grand mother. It was a present from my grandfather who brought it from UK? or Italy? (I don't remember) during IIWW. Silk -peach, pink and white. One felt seriously apart. Peach one is still fighting and white one is ok.
I am sleeping in them without any mental disturbance. Because it was My Grand Mother!
My DNA. So I think it is OK.

The rest I already managed to collect by searching, selecting and winning on eBay, fantastic pieces from 50s, I use just to wander around the flat.
...until this one arrived. It's actually from 70s but the shape is so amazing!
I love it! ...and I don't know what to do with it now. Sleep or not to sleep.

Accidentally I found on the net how a woman is asking is it really possible to sleep in nightgown nowadays?
does anyone still wear nightgowns to sleep in? i was just thinking tonight about the nightgowns my mom used to wear in the 80's, when she was my age (!) 33...these huge long flannel nightgowns with a lace bib collar. nobody is wearing these anymore at all, are they?

My new trophy is not really flannel but nylon and no collar, but still... I started to wonder how do women sleep.
Stylish and elegant or rather comfortable?
I don't remember when the last time I've slept in a Tshirt. Why should I if I can use f.ex.:

So I'd like to encourage young women to burn their 
- sleeping T shirts (these in good condition and these with armpit holes), 
- pyjamas with Donald Duck, 
- Winnie The Pooh, 
- Tweety 
- or Pluto. 
(I'm not against them as long as they stay out of textile patterns for grown-ups) 
Elouise Lingerie
Pink Camellia
House of Olivier
or Vintage!

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Boudoir Bizarre - Grotesque Burlesque

The most interesting event in Denmark!!!
If you're coming here, make sure you sign up for this.
Because who wants to spin in Tivoli constantly? or shopping on Stroget and spending money for things which are available everywhere? There's C H Andersens sculpture and finally worth seeing: two Kunst Museum and Louisiana Museum. That's it.
So It is so important to experience some fetish.
It's good to sign up on Facebook to follow all updates.
And check the website.
All photos taken from: 

Sonja Sandorff,

by Pao-Lung Tsai,

At the entrance there were:

Party was about girls exposing their best fetish lingerie:

Some in masks:

There is music, couple of bars and a lot of shows. Any performer can present his/her show.
Few shows were at the same time.
Grannies. I was late so had no idea...

...marylin monroe songs band:

The most important was an amazing show of Tinus De Schunard!

some older videos:

All details about Danish artist Tinus, weight, hight, interest and targets HERE
Very magnetic and vivid!

I was amazed with amount of women partying only in underwear. Panties ans pasties.
This strong will to be naked was really intriguing.
There was also Libertine Club with their members dressed in German uniforms from II WW, whom you can see in theirs swastika bands on Salon Libertine website.
...sometimes I wonder if it's lack of education? impertinent ignorance? or just lack of class?
Well, as far as I know ( I heard from my Danish teacher ) there are no grades in Primary school in Denmark. ..or actually till the age of 15.

I would like to go again! Hopefully in summer. Have more drinks before and more fun inside.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

eBay Sale! and Samsonite please go.

I need to refresh my clothes archive. So I put some things on eBay hoping that somewhere there is a person, at least one, willing to try this what I already have.

It's for:
The Space
New Excitement
Someones Pleasure
again...The Space

I put some dresses which I got from second hand shops or in special offers. 

The simple Black

I actually played in this dress on one summer 'concert' organized by Kati.

I put it on sale on eBay HERE.

pink with white flowers and green edges

I really liked this dress. But I bought new ones and with time I stopped appreciate this one.
I will be more than happy to sell it. Quite courageous and very positive.
I sell it on eBay HERE

Silk and cotton dress

I love nice textiles and these are silk - top, cotton - skirt. I liked it in the beginning but now...
I realised I don't wear it anymore.
All eBay details HERE.

amazing Samsonite backpack !!!!

Really good high quality stuff! Three pockets! extra padlock and keys. Place for Laptop.
I got it as a gift.... But I just don't use backpacks. I have other great bags when I travel and I don't really take a part in survival trips around forest or mountains......
It will make my Month if I can get rid of this.
Pretty Cherry and brand new and as I saw the price on the net 75 GBP I put it 1/3 less.
More and more photos on eBay HERE

poor but happy

There's nothing like travelling and bringing home new trophies.
First of all I decided to go after Lavender scent.
Since I've heard in the radio about scents ensuring hot passion I started to look for everything and anything that contains Lavender. Lavender may be useful even against impotence. Not that this is what I was thinking about...

"In fact, the study in question – conducted by the Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago – discovered only that ‘in those with a normal olfactory ability, a variety of odours can increase penile blood-flow’. These odours included pumpkin pie, liquorice, doughnuts and lavender, and various combinations of these, as well as oriental spice and cola. The most effective were a lavender/ pumpkin pie mixture, a doughnut/ black liquorice mixture and a pumpkin pie/doughnut mixture – but the results depended on other factors such as whether the participants’ partners wore cologne and how many times they had had intercourse in the last month

Anyway it can not hurt. So I came back with many lavender oils, oil heaters, lavender seeds packed in small cushion, lavender soaps, lavender - lemon body butter and with plans what else in lavender smell I'm going to get.
lavender shop which I'm going to try!

I just have to start baking pumpkin pie.

Accidently I've found an amazing photo frame which in the end became a present. But for the balance I had to put there slightly less distinguished atmosphere.

Since I failed some years ago with choosing my glasses frame and as much as I go deeper into 50s that much I look more and more...strange. I am searching again.

The worst shopping I experience always with my girl - friends. The result is in this frame and couple of cotton dresses which I had to transform into night gowns. So I try to rely on myself only. And as it was in Clueless trust photos.

And this is how I decided to get a new frame. Because I am living in Denmark at the moment, in the country where you pay + 40%, sometimes + 100% just for the luxury of paying in DKK,
I'll arrange the glass in Poland and the frame in UK. 
So my name - day present is coming.

Since I love to be dressed the most beautiful when I'm sleeping - to counterbalance the things I can not fight (anti-bruxism tool) :) I was lucky to find lots of sleeping accessories. 
Pluto Lingerie
It's so difficult to find it online. So amazing quality. I will for sure always visit Le Charme every time in Poznan.
Where I found also Feraud Nightwear and Eva B. Bitzer.

Happily I finished with my winter coat getting myself Sisley jacket.

And these nice shorts I'm keeping... unfortunately slightly too small. But who hasn't made shopping mistakes? Not really perfect size but still Silk + Cotton, everything what's the best.
As far as I know Massimo Dutti doeans't have online shop so I'll just have to squeeze at night into this one that I have.

I was lucky to end my trip in blonde again.

I also managed to get rid of my Red Face thanks to 
Mrs. Agnieszka Skowronska and her RED STOP,
and spend a fortune on cosmetics Afrodita

But money does not equal happiness so it is always good to leave it on you.