Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ulyana Sergeenko Russian Inspiration

Everyone needs a change from time to time.
So I took out all my long long skirts and 30s dresses. Just to take a break from myself. 
Which probably means I am a heavy person since even I can be tired of my person. 

Ulyana Sergeenko inspired me. She is whatever anyone in fashion in Russia can possibly be: photographer, editor, designer, probably a model? fashionista? and so on and so on ...
Whatever her true career is, the look she creates is the key.

1920s 10%
1930s 20%
1940s 20%
1950s 15%
folk     35%

Her collection is nothing more or less but her own clothes and sets. Glittering in the world of no middle class, only poverty or riches.

I have to seriously consider buying red shoes! And what I really love is a scarf on the head, which I always hear that looks terrible.

I already had an idea to collect some 30s dresses just to wander around my home in it and receive guests. 
Which reminds me painful loss of this eBay auction:

It always seemed to me very brave to show up on the street in it, long and long, but as I checked it in real life, people simply don't care. I look slimmer and taller and there's no barrier between me and people. No physical barrier. From time to time someone's bumping against me...
It's definitively safer to stick to long silky 30s dresses at home and outside to large and fluffy petticoats. So you can be like a tank fighting your way.

About Ulyana Sergeenko... I've never heard about her before but I could swear I've seen her!
After a while I got to the conclusion....

T a d a m !!!!

and Ulyana:

Looks like botox overdose comes only in one pattern and is not only injected but also drunk for breakfast. 
So I checked it and looks like her face expression died. Can she smile, laugh or be surprised? 
Is botox overdose just a symbol of wealthiness ???

0:24 - 0:28


  1. I love what you've done! Love vintage

  2. she's my most favorite it girl! i love her style so much!