Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Glamorous troll - ing

First when I started to be interested in pin up clothing it felt strange sitting at home in washed H&M cotton sweat pants and faded Tshirt used for years by my two brothers and finally inherited by me.
It felt like I'm just masquerading.
I wanted to get rid of this feeling and actually feel pretty all the time.
Once I read article - something about unemployed people and process of looking for a job. It was written there it is very important to put yourself together even if you're just at home reading job announcements. So when you look in the mirror it doesn't make you depressed. Eliminate situation when you're wandering around the flat for weeks and everytime you look at yourself there's only one thought - I look like shit. Which means your confidence and happiness level drop.

So I found some solutions. Kimono - present from my uncle.

It's cotton. It's comfortable and yes, I can hoover, do the dishes, wash the floor.. and no, there's no point to save it for potential special occasion which will never come and I don't think it's a good idea to wear it outside :) unless during wild cherry tree festival.
But moving forward...
I'm constantly searching for house coats from 50s on eBay. (the most important source of vintage clothes)
Somehow can not find anything special. So I decided to buy sewing pattern - from ebay seller 'bloodblue'. (The gingham one is the one)

I found dressmaker who's doing this for me. I'll pay a bit. But not so much.
Totally confused about the textile I gave her my trust and she's the one who'll choose it. So little surprise for me. I guess it will take up to one month. But it will be brand new, only mine, kept in traditional 50s style.

So with all my ideas and new shopping my wardrobe is bursting at the seams. That's why from time to time I have to let go something.
With tears in my eyes...I'd like to present this lovely, however - whitish/white, which is absolutely not my color - house coat. No labels. Bought on eBay.
4 buttons in the front. Very nicely accents the waist. Makes your silhouette tall and slim. Textile is extremely light. It moves very slowly, with grace, a bit like floating.
Sooner or later I will put it on auction.
Anybody interested??? Would you like to buy it???
Please let me know!



  2. You perfect,as ever!