Friday, 27 July 2012

Mint Comeback in Saint Tropez by Dior

I haven’t written a word for a long time because life forced on me Amish lifestyle.

...maybe not that much….

 Blogger without internet. I also stay without a mobile reach since my new flat isolate me from the rest of civilization. I’m happy I do have electricity though.

It makes me so excited! Living in Edwardian Church lifts me at least spiritually! and brings down financially.

I read somewhere that the biggest stress is your partners death, second - marriage and third  - moving. I guess I slide on adrenalin rush since I’ve moved with all my things, clothes, books and cats like 10 times, twice changing the country. 
The rule is 'home is where I am'.
Advantage that I always 'find' my old 'lost' clothes and discover them from the beginning.

While I haven’t been here I started my deep interest in blue/mint nail polish and ended up buying Dior Saint Tropez.

 Searching for some confirmation in 40s 50s fashion since that’s my guideline I’ve found this:

And some proof in old British film 'I am a camera' from 1955:
24th min
- Why do you say that I out shock? 
- Why do you paint your fingernails green for example? 
- To attract men. That's why. You know... to feel their eyes running up like mice.

Very fast I bought Dior Saint Tropez Nail Polish and started to cultivate it with half moon. It does make skin look whiter and whatever makes me look whiter, I’m in.
It's actually so annoying! Dries extremely fast so it's hard to apply carefully, especially if you have to shape half moon as well. Brush is kind of square shape that's suppose to help to apply much easier. Well, horror for me. I have to be definitively Sober when I do my nails with Dior Saint Tropez. Otherwise I could stick myself to the table with this amazing, swimming pool blue like, colour. But it stays forever! Treats my nails gently and healthy. I hate it but can't stop loving.