Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Capri Pedal Pushers

Hard to distinguish one from the other.
What according to Vivien of Holloway is pedal pushers is Capri according to Wikipedia and the other way around.
Most likely VOH is simply wrong.
I did buy grey VOH pedalpushers in my apparently rare size since it took me a year or so to get it in quite neutral color. 

The problem is; it's cotton which is good and bad because very quickly it gets creased.
Waist is tight but leg trousers are too wide for my taste.

(red patent leather calvin klein flats, trashy diva ginger jacket, red VOH wide belt, pink cotton gingham shirt, bobbie jerome velvet clutch bag)

The only trousers I'd like to try are cigarette pants from Freddies of pine wood

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

1950s Rembrandt and tailoring

It's been a long time....
been here and there, mostly at some point of my life and few places as well
But I'm back now


Still spending money like crazy on vintage slips, petticoats, bags and dresses and my new hobby:
paying for tailoring my clothes !!!

Must say took me a while to give it a try.
So basically if you simply don't want to buy a new one, give your old one to a tailor.
My dressmaker is terribly expensive but it's only because I'm lazy and have her in my working place.
So nice to be able to afford it... being lazy I mean.

bought on eBay £18
Yes!!! for free!!!
genuine 1950s Rembrandt - one of my favorite 

...and there was a problem. Can you see those weird triangles, kind of hip extensions?
Perhaps back then when this crispy taffeta - the dress doesn't stretch a bit - was still crispy it made sense but when I put it on looked like drunk and creased 80's mad lady.

So my unappreciated me as a regular customer expensive dressmaker estimated:
  • decolletage seams reinforcement
  • removing those hips and creating nice line
  • back widening using fabric taken from hip area
  • sleeves shortening to avoid fabric sticking to elbow area and tearing the back
  • adjusting in waist
  • changing the zip
TOTAL: £45

 (stockings black point heel GIO... im wearing 9, Miss L Fire Cinderella black)

So before wearing it for the first time the dress unexpectedly disappeared in the flat during floor changing.
When she - dressmoneydrainingmaker - asked me have I worn it yet... and I said

-No, I lost it but hopefully in my flat. Can't find it for two months now. So angry about it.
-You're angry !!!!!! What do you want me to say!!! So much work!!! - and money I paid you, I thought, so as far I'm concerned I could even burn it without remorse for this price- You have to find it!!! Keep looking!!!!!!
She made me feel guilty so I found it among old paints and brushes in my 'shed'.