Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A bit of Class and Glamour under the Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! It's time to work on  our self improvement. Especially for those who like to be lazy and mobilize only for a reason. 
Let's go back to the past, to those golden days!

Let's promise ourselves larger dose of glamour - since more is always better than less - and more satisfaction from life.

Especially nowadays when all values disappear with a blink of an eye. Women wander around the streets basically naked, people have sex on the side walk (yes, strange London streets at 4am) and art of casual conversation is dying. 
Maybe the art of any conversation or rather art of thinking vanishes.... 
It just happened I met a girl who's name didn't stick to my brain, unfortunately, who got this strange need to talk to me. She approached me with a question:
- How do you do your hair?
I didn't have time, willingness and found it boring but still I answered.
- Your hair is so damaged, it looks so bad, no shine at all. I !!! take care of my hair very much that's why it's so nice besides I don't want to become bald. It will fall out.
And she disappeared.

Perhaps it's my environment or could it be me?
If yes, could it be 'Dave' my workmate? Random guy asked him: 
- Are you Dave? 
- No, I'm not. 
- Are you sure? You look just like Dave. 
- Who is Dave anyway?
- You know; this fat guy.

However now when I think of it... I had (I'd like to emphasize Had) a friend, lady G., who as my guest, under my roof, using my electricity and hospitality practised the same art of conversation. Once, during London trip day, she asked me.. 
-So, what kind of perfumes do you use?
After very detailed pictured I built for her including Where, How much and Why I love so much Agent Provocateur she just simply replied:
- Because you smell like an old lady.

I've been thinking about myself What do I do wrong? Am I not aggressive enough? too patient? ...or really...?
But then if you've ever experienced such thing and have doubts just look at this persons life:
depression, failure, complexes or - simple explanations always work - stupidity. I admit it warms me up from inside and brings sentimental memories from Denmark that is living it's own life fortunately without me and ... I smile.
I know, it all starts with parents, so how can you blame them.
Let's promise ourselves (hopefully - They will do as well) something no one can buy or receive; 

more Class for next year.

Savoir vivre is French and means living a good life while staying elegant and smart. (noun)

And let's remember - the art of saying Get lost is as well important.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Doing Blonde

"I color my own hair, too. I hate beauty salons. I just hate them. I hate them because I hate making appointments for something else, another appointment, and I hate spending the money. I like to have my hair freshly dyed every two weeks without fail, and I like to color on my own time while I’m multitasking. Plus, black hair is easy; if you do streaks and highlights it’s different."
Same as Dita I hate appointments and spending money for something I can perfectly well or even better do at home. I'll never get to british pedicurist again simply because HeRe they do like to keep nails from quite to very long and last time when this nice lady told me to put my sandals on, shyly I said 'I think it's not dry yet.' and 5min later I was marching home. Never!! Ever! go to Bonds Beauty Salon in Northampton - 25 The Drapery. When I got home I had to do it all over again. 

I couldn't stand waiting period for waxing appointments. How hairy you have to become!!!
And what about brazilian waxing? Twice I was send home because there was nothing to work on.
Terrible and undignified.
On top of it you spend a lot of money.

I'm not saying there are no excellent professionals, but you need to go through many rotten tomatoes (never ever go to hattbox hairdressing on Kettering Road in Northampton, unless you want to find my back hair that felt off and maybe is still somewhere there) to find the right one and if your excellent hairdresser dies (for example...) you start the whole searching cycle from the beginning. 
I already lost major part of my back hair before I found So Great Matrix studio: Christian Wiles Hairdressing in Northampton. After I discovered there Harry-the-Cypriot with his bushy, black, curly (?) hair that he treats as his private experimental lab, I had to leave Northampton behind. And after I decided with myself I can travel, why not?! it appeared my days off are usually Sundays and Mondays just as Harrys. 
So getting back to the point.

I am the best service for myself, reliable and cost free, always available for depilating, waxing, manicure, pedicure, eyebrows regulation and darkening even brazilian waxing - yes, it is possible.
I know myself and I know no one will do it better.
And how I hate to pay for it!

I understand that nowadays women just can't or refuse to do things around themselves - sometimes even the most basic. 

But just because the world is going down doesn't mean there are no ladies who can keep their own glamour in shape.
So finally I made very significant progress...for the first time I dyed -me- my own -by myself- hair.
I dyed my hair blonde.

As I rarely see the light I still don't know how this colour looks like in daytime but so far so good.

You see, I've been told by a hairdresser so many times that it's impossible to do it yourself and even smallest attempt may leave you with green hair, yellow hair or no hair at all.
That is why most of my life I spend flashing with my dark roots.
I've always experienced highlights that are the most expensive option you can get. In UK for medium hair you'll pay 100-150 GBP excluding toner, cut, drying, styling, conditioning and so on, of course! So it's not only the most durable process but the cheapest (for salons) as well as destructive since hair tend to break.

I started to gather all informations. Mostly what I found was the question 'I have this hair dye, what kind of developer do I use?' and the answer 'you won't be able to do it yourself anyway (implication: you're armless or brainless) and your hair will fall off. Professional products can be used only by professionals (developer and hair dye mix mystery: 3 times right and 4 times left) and you're definitively not the one so get lost. Besides you have ugly roots. With love. A hairdresser.'

Until I discovered Blond Bunny who is a blonde obsessed lady with professional hairdressing experience. She shares email address so you can ask her any questions and send photos. 
Ladies, you wish you could speak Polish now!
At first I didn't hope for an answer but then I got one a day after.
She put me on the right direction, told me what kind of Matrix dye I should use and what kind of developers. What not to even think of and precisely how much time to keep it on. 
And everything advised in the way I lOve the most: with bursting confidence. 
Only one conclusion: She knows what she's saying.

I already knew shades I wanted:
Matrix SoColor 10N mixed half/half with 10G.
Previous one made by Harry was 11AA but I found it maybe too yellowish...
That's actually the Creamy Blonde recipe from MatrixFamily but used with different developers.
As I like all cool colours I wanted to get a bit different blonde shade and perhaps it appeared to be too warm but hey! now... Sky is the limit!!!
or rather online shopping in Pak Cosmetics.
I can mix and test.

Before I decided to do the full head I made some try out on a piece. As you see it was already tragic and I had only two options: 
-wait another month for Northampton trip or 
- just do it.
It was difficult to put it on at the back of the head but since now on I only expect improvement.

I just need to find out how to move glycolic peels to my Home SPA...

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Miss Twinkle doesn't twinkle anymore

Discovery that Miss Twinkle doesn't twinkle anymore left me heartbroken. 
I've been checking Miss Twinkle blog from time to time and it always made me feel good looking at those photos of a girl in Germany who has a passion and imagination and no problem to be whom she wants to be. And that's probably still the case just not that colorful anymore.
Because you see, that's the thing... if someone stepped on the path where you can do what you want to do -I mean check her photos. Do you see many ladies like this running around you?- how can you just exchange it to something so ordinary and in-daily-use.

Well, I've been thinking about it and maybe there's depression behind it, boredom or someones blackmail perhaps.
I wanted to tell her 'Girl! get yourself together! Try new hairstyle, read a book, have some wine or change your lipstick!' but the world of Miss Twinkle is already over, she said officially Goodbye and started her New Blog in Jeans and sweater. Enough is enough, obviously.
But what will happen now with all those dresses and accessories! 
I hope I'll have a chance to bid on some of them.
I wouldn't be surprised if from 40s/50s Miss Twinkle would travel to 70s or even middle age   -I've been in few shops with costumes like that, Wow! that's expensive.
But to travel to 'sweatpants'?
It made me think of Miss H...once she asked my man to donate her his old, used, torn army trousers so she - I repeat ShE - will wear it at home. Fortunately my smart cat peed on it - or he didn't?hmmm.. - and I didn't have to travel with those from DK to UK.

Why!!!??? is the question. Feeding our inspiration and developing imagination, and the other way around.
It's who you are, not what you do.
How you express yourself. 
Inspiration. In the times of crisis search for the meaning of this word. 


  • 1 [mass noun] the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative:Helen had one of her flashes of inspirationthe Malvern Hills have provided inspiration for many artists
  • the quality of being inspired:a rare moment of inspiration in an otherwise dull display
  • [count noun] a person or thing that inspires:he is an inspiration to everyone
  • divine influence, especially that supposed to have led to the writing of the Bible.
  • 2a sudden brilliant or timely idea:then I had an inspiration
  • 3 [mass noun] the drawing in of breath; inhalation:crackling sounds are heard in the stethoscope on inspiration


Middle English (in the sense 'divine guidance'): via Old French from late Latin inspiratio(n-), from the verbinspirare (see inspire)

Breathing problems or no will pass eventually!!!
And if there's a crisis it's better to do Nothing and wait for it to pass than to castrate your ideas and ending up in leggings. Do you recognize this lady?

I like to think Miss Twinkle has been forced to give up her full skirt... perhaps there was a life threat and who knows what else! 

That's why...
I forgive you!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Hollywood Makeover

Who's never bored with oneself? 
So long time passed since I've had black hair but I still aim for something new. I'm not so keen on testing everything on myself so I got ecstatic when I found 
on InStyle website !!!
It allows so perfectly to fit  a hairstyle that it's breathtaking.
Though...I wouldn't rely on blonde there. Unless you're after carrotish yellowish orange shade. Anyway black is black, brown is brown but blonde may be many things.
Not only hairstyle but even make up, eyebrows, lances and so on... particular products available on market. All Dior lipstick shades!!!
Amazing thing! true makeover but not always Hollywood.

Even my man started to appreciate blonde hair that he so hated not longer than a week ago. 
I've always wondered perhaps I'm like hidden Dita and total change can only be better.

No Dita but an old hag would fit me better. Definitively it could improve my drinking image.

And in the morning without a drop of makeup and unbrushed eyebrows I would glow among greyness of British weather.

Maybe a bit lighter but still 'natural coloured' I thought...

It's just like Jessica Biel in Tall Man

Some misunderstanding for the movie requirements but never on the street. But fortunately soon in November again brighter in Hitchcock.

With no makeup -sometimes scary- but essential since you'd have to live with it. And dark brown, as many people think after giving themselves rights to advice, 'would look so much better on you!!!' Once I even heard 'your face is like your hair, both yellow. You have to change it to get a contrast.' Putting on the side a question Why do we live in times of peasants who think they can comment negatively and in public looks of others - strangers? 
I checked how lovely I would shine every morning.

So I thought well...maybe red then on my row face which is basically blue and pink - summer type features.

This application is great! totally fulfilled my need for Red Mad Man. Maybe in my second life.

Because my aunt is coming so soon I already stated relaxing process since I know she will again insist on 'short and easy-to-do geometrical hairstyle' and that makes me wonder How come I encourage people to give me advices I don't look for.
In the morning...

with a bit of decency... (personally I don't get it how women can leave home even without a bit of concealer or mascara or regulated eyebrows or unbrushed hair)
unbelievable program!!!

It's the only option I've never even considered that appeared to be flattering especially with a glass of wine. Can you still roll pin curls here ???

But perhaps just as Jessica in Easy Virtue should keep that image ...

I should just stay as always I am.

It is so great to be a woman and so dull to be a man !!! - I would imagine...

Monday, 8 October 2012

What I read about Ava Gardner

As I am reading Ava Gardner's biography I get more and more disappointed. There's been once Miss O. I used to know, lots of fun and only fun. Everything was there! Except flexibility and reliability. 
I think of her when I read about Ava Gardner.
Everyone who knew her say she was the most amazing beauty ever seen and so cute and sweet person and everyone say her dark side dominated.
She did come from very religious family. She was not allowed to date anybody and her mother got aggressive spazm while thinking what could her daughter do with boys. So she grew up thinking that sex is nothing but forbidden and bad. 
It was enough for her to taste it while her first marriage to use it as often as possible and with anyone.
She has led depraved and hedonistic life all along. Never experienced effects of war or anything worse than her parents death.
She did enjoy romances with married men and with children. It never even made her wonder if it's right. Basically every single movie partner became her lover. No matter if she herself has been in relationship or not, even with her everlasting love Frank Sinatra. During Sinatra times she still had many others. When finally she got pregnant with Frank - however some say it had to be a member of African team on Mogambo set - she decided abortion is the way. Who knows how many more she actually had.
Man who became her desire or simply just a need had to be conquered even if he was with his partner or not only but even mother of his kids. Usually she got whom she wanted.
She had led a life of drinking, dancing, spending money and fulfilling her basic needs.
She never diet or exercised and was considered to be lazy. She always drunk spirit, slept the day, had whole night parties. This lifestyle got her to the point when in the age of 40 she was a mess. She became better actress but during Iguana you can see how much older and shapeless she looks - much older than her age.
Her lifestyle pushed away plenty of people from her. Some public places also refused to host her, f.ex. Ritz after she urinated in the main hall near reception. Ava had no shame neither by forcing The Ritz from time to time to let her in and after failure she only could get a drink outside the building.
She loved to gather gypsies and entertain the whole night abusing her friends parties or everyday evening - night bringing in hordes of strangers. Perhaps she had a class... maybe in first years of her career simply because she felt intimidated - small girl from the village without education in the big world.
Her features like honesty, being funny, quick and supposedly bright stayed forever. Just like vulgarity.
She had to be fun but as every stimulant in a bit bigger dose she became a poison.
Everything she did was backed up by her stupidity... not only men she chose but even wild behaviour after getting drunk when she jumped on the bull in Spain and obviously felt crashing her cheek. For months she refused to be seen in public. Finally she had a surgery that left her with minor scar and sick obsession that she's being photographed! An actress! Many times many days photoshot had to be stopped because she suspected someone may take a photo of her. In her late years she became pure diva; special hotel room, facilities, food, alcohol, special costumes, never on time, never prepared and so on...
She became very lonely, desperate woman, ex-sex symbol, suddenly without power over men which was autodestructive since she treated sex as a physiological need.
And all this blew unrestrained animal behaviour -she never had to worry about anything else- had a chance to exist just because someone thought 'she looks beautiful'. Her wooden acting put her at first on a shelf of hollywood for many many long years but provided luxurious lifestyle.
Perhaps litres of Tequila and Gin and shameless life made her a better actress, but definitively she needed 40 years to achieve this and 67 to die exhausted by drinking and smoking.

Some things are better to be kept unsaid so the Myth goes on.

As I look at this photo of her and bags under her eyes I see mine... or you're having fun drinking and partying or you work, it makes you wasted all the same.

Perhaps blonde -and 'angry' uniform- makes this tiredness brighter and smoother. New blonde so hated by my boyfriend that it took out one day from our lifes. But it made me wonder... why no one never told me that I can just tint my hair blonde instead of bleaching it and destroying so much more...

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dita and Art Deco

I would buy absolutely anything what Dita von Teese would decide to sell. And I mean everything, even Art Deco cosmetics that aren't renowned for excellent quality.
Art Deco, decent brand.
Not thinking long I bought ;
637 Follies Pink lipstick
620 Parlez-vous 
607 Bon Bon
Lip liner 6 Vermillion 
and 10 Dame
Eye liner with a brush
Nail Polish 10 Dragon Red Lady
and 25 Femme Fatale
369 Opulence sparkling eyeshadow

Eye shadows are so nice, toned and bright. I promise myself to buy more. Opulence the one I have is too soft... I use it only under eyebrows. Too soft but well, Dita almost made it by hand!

About nail polish...I don't really understand the idea of using silver-ish 180 moonlight, that could be great worn by itself, described in Art Deco inspiring instructions as the base under 30s - 40s half moon manicure which is a pure nonsense!!! 
Half moon manicure  was created as half moon to give glamorous look to growing nails. So it always looks nice. Simple. By using moonlight base it will just grow as one piece coloured nail and the effect will be just as ordinary as fully painted nails. The point is Not To Use any base, just colour in half moon shape.
Dragon Red Lady is in excellent colour for me. My skin is with cold, blue, pink undertones. This red is with drop of pink and maybe violet, there's something cold about it so it fits great. However I think all warm toned skin ladies should skip it.
It's not resistant though...
Every day for hours I spin the ball on roulette circle so I do test nail polish.
Dior -my lovely Saint Tropez- and Mac Shirelle -which was just too warm for me- have not comparable strength and so if I do it once a week it looks great.
Art Deco last in my lifestyle 4 days and it's dead gone.
Femme fatale I'm saving for later.

Eye liner, gel, is suppose to be waterproof -at least I read it somewhere - but is very very far from it. Just after few hours it leaves a mark. However I found an easy way to live with it, just applying line of dark eye shadow where the mark appears.
Before I've been using amazing Waterproof liquid MAC eye liner which is absolutely everything resistant. To remove it, is another kind of art. It takes time and patience.
But it dries quickly in the package and fast you need buy another one for 20GBP. Also right after applying it's necessary to wait before looking up. It dries long when applied and can make small marks which can not be removed, so you need to fight with a bit of oil and fixing everything again. 
Dita's liner is black black, not so difficult to draw a line but not so quickly either. I know I won't buy it again but it looks quite economical so maybe after years we'll split finally.

Lipstick Follies Pink made me very satisfied. It's quite toned, rather deep dark pink without fluorescent reflexes. 

Parlez-vous is a red lipstick with orange undertones.

Bon bon, well... drying lips as much as possible. I've never had to use any moisturiser under lipstick but it changed with bon bon. Right away lips look cracked and dry. 

Bon bon doesn't really cover, is in 1/4 this kind of light kind. It disappears in few hours. Dita recommends to blend it with her Vermillion lip pencil - which is just perfect together with Parlez-vous - and yes it is possible to blend it but the outcome looks similar to Parlez-vous just slightly brighter and it needs constant correction. I wanted to have orange lipstick so I resigned melting it with Vermillion liner and quickly it appeared I have no liner at all to use it with this pure orangy orange. So I started to wear it without any liner and it works! but I have to put moisturiser and lipstick together and correct it the same way over and over again. In the end of the day I have cracked lips.
Never, ever again.
Anyway Dior's lipsticks are always No 1. so probably that's just one time thing with Art Deco.
Lip pencils are goood! I like when it's rather hard just like drawing pencils (HB or even H1).
Vermillion goes with red - red and Dame with dark red fits perfectly with Pink follies.

In generally is long as Dita promotes it. But I would never buy it in UK. For some reasons -taxes- it is 1/3 more expensive than anywhere else. I did my shopping in
and in German online shops on I found all I need which is unavailable above.