Monday, 20 December 2010

Me Everyday

Do you see the reflection in the window?

This is how usually people react on me. I have difficulties to say if it's shock? embarrassment?
The same question appears on their faces: WTF?

Definitively most of them feel offended by my look. Some of course get a courage to say some shy compliments. However I never wait for any. 

I always enjoyed to shock people. Just because I think they're hypocrites.
I don't need to be fluorescent glowing. Don't have to be naked. 
Torn stay ups  fully visible under mini - skirt won't do it either.
It's enough to have a nice styled hair-do. Some make-up. Red lips, this is really Oh My!
Add some knee length dress, skirt. Waist. High heels not even.
There you have it.

Being Natural is this what counts the most nowadays. 
Make - up so natural that no one can say if you have it. Loose hair, gently touched by the wind when you leave in the morning. Glowing face. Smudgy lips and eyes. Shining, glittering tan, preferably also in winter. Suffer on high heels but never bind your figure.
Everything looose. To hide there anything you want.
But Who wants to look like a girl next door? and Why?

You can imagine how people react when they see me on the train like this. 
Especially here in Denmark where Done - look is rather bad taste. 
Happened that even in my working place I was reprobated for dressing up (I mean everyday style).  Everything is fine until it's by people whom you don't value.
And when I had a trip in summer to Malmo in this dress....
I almost felt guilty :)

I don't really like to go lower just because of technical obstacles. So no matter where, I always feel good because I stay myself.


On winter it is much more difficult. Especially I don't wear furs...
However I so like some fur imitations! But first my friend would have to kill me.

People always think it takes all ages for me to leave the flat.
Probably just to comfort themselves. But of course and unfortunately I am also a part of this world and I have to manage to be ready in one hour, that's my limit,  including breakfast and shower.

I so love hats!!! I find it so amusing how disturbing it is when you walk down the street in one.

You wear it to relax. Maybe to cover your bad hair day. Maybe just to escape... and it appears to be the most eye catching thing in the crowd.

Hat with net is absolute killer. Even my boyfriend won't dare to be next to me when I put it on. But I just can't resist! I so adore them.
But that's true that people are rather afraid of me. They feel uncomfortable talking to me. However there's no obvious reason.
Thanks God for, Charleston and Vintage at Goodwood....and many more.

I love all kind of accessories which most of women find unnecessary. I am ready to spend a fortune for a petticoat or long nylon gloves. For white or net gloves that make people ask me : 
Why do you wear it?

(I'm sorry but) I've never heard about Anne Slowey until I read this in Elle:

 So Ms Slowey doesn't believe it is possible :) I would LOVE to own dresses, costumes taken from MadMan! I spend sometimes hours to track down some special vintage piece online.
My clothes definitively never did and never will depreciate me.
I feel as strong as I am, naked, in 50s full skirt, corset or silk night gown.
Also men - women relation in 40s, 50s... I really couldn't care less.
The only things which touch me deeply do so because I allow this to happen.
So, no, 50s fashion doesn't shake my personality. I believe it is your personality that shakes.

But I found so funny article showing how Anne Slowey enslaved herself, probably just as men enslaved women 60 years ago.

'Check out the food diary she kept for New York magazine’s coverage of Fashion Week.  Here’s her self-reported intake for one day (though you might want to merely skim her list of vitamins—it’s lengthy):
7:30 A.M. Home
Two 1,000-mg. Emergen-C with seven mineral ascorbates and 32 mineral complexes, one ounce of Super KMH, Mona Vie (berry extract), aloe juice, chlorophyll, two Nature’s Way Fenu-Thyme, one advance natural FloroMax, three Wellness Formula tablets, twenty drops Super Lysine Plus, two Theraveda Usha daytime stress formula tablets.
10:30 Sant Ambroeus
Milanese eggs and iced skim latte.

2:00 P.M. Patrik Ervell
Bottle of water and glass of white wine.
3:00 Waiting for the United Bamboo Show
4:00 Waiting for the Diane Von Furstenberg Show
5:00 Waiting for the Luella Bartley Show
6:00 Waiting for the Phillip Lim Show
7:00 Waiting for the Tuleh Show
8:30 At a Friend’s London Terrace Apartment Watching TV
Two glasses of red wine, Camembert and crackers, three olives during Prince’s Super Bowl halftime performance.
11:30 Home
Repeat Fenu-Thyme, Wellness Formula tablets, and add Theraveda Nisha nighttime stress formula.
So it’s totally understandable that she dispenses terrible advice, considering her brain must be more or less pickled by her alcohol intake that appears unmitigated by anything so exotic as actual food.  Maybe she believes that swallowing her own meager weight in vitamins every morning is nourishment enough.  Or maybe she’s gearing up to claim a spot of her own on the runway—amazingly, model Denise Mullins actually ‘fesses up to eating more than Slowey does, and everyone knows models don’t do anything so base as consuming food.  Watch your back, Denise!  If this fashion reporting thing doesn’t work out for Slowey (and, at the very least, it sure isn’t working for us), she may use her bony claws in an attempt to claim your spot on the runway.'

In the end the point is to be inspired and inspiring.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

ThatNightInRio 1941

One of the most or maybe the most funny movie from 40s.
And in color. And available for everyone.
WATCH IT here - on youtube


 Alice Faye, Don Ameche, Carmen Miranda

Her nightdress and the scene with her eating breakfast in the bed !!!
Would be just perfect for me.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dita von Teese


I guess everyone interested in burlesque or recreating vintage styles will know 
who Dita von Teese is.
She appears on many fashion shows, promotes Cointreau and Perrier. Does glamour modeling as fetish model. She has a list of porn movies on her account. Doesn't hide plastic surgery approval. And I assume she knows where she's heading.

What she says about her job:
'I always get billed as ‘Dita, internationally known fetish supermodel
I’m really a small town girl from Michigan who has a good laugh that being a fancy-pants stripper got me here!'
About people who condemn her:
'Some people say what I do isn’t very liberating. I say it’s pretty liberating to get $20,000 for 10 minutes work.'

There are many burlesque dancers who may be even more beautiful or their shows are really inventive but somehow they don't promote such a glamour and elegance everyday, all day.
       She couldn't manage to finish her education. Around the age of 20 (...I think...) she had her fling and got into drugs. In the end she lost a lot of weight but with time her body recovered except her breasts. She explained that could never get back to previous shape so she decided to do breasts surgery. Which, by the way, went quite nice giving natural form.
She had worked in pizzeria and in lingerie shop before she got into striptease. She started to strip in the most ordinary down - to - earth pubs, bars, from the beginning making it her way.
And it was traditional burlesque act. 
After was Playboy session and relationship with Manson, or maybe the other way around?
And here she is.
Happily married and successful. 
    But still I admire her for consequence and class. For being so glamorous all the time and for being faithful to her style.
'But in order to have memorable personal style, 
one must not be afraid to take risks.'
Definitively it was a good step for her to loose blonde. However she used to experiment with red and in the end stuck in black.
She used to experiment a lot with her look in young days as we can see...

Finally she stopped on the look which is her signature.

'Grace and elegance,
two things that have been proven time and time again to be attractive.'

My favorite interview with her was made by

During another interview in Italy she's answering a question what does she wear at home.
She wears vintage pyjamas and slips which cost her a fortune. 

I like the most to check her photos during doing shopping or just daily activities because there's not even one where you can find her crumpled or sloppy. 

Her first marriage took place in Helnwein's castle in Ireland.

Gottfried Helnwein is best man and Hamish Bowles reports exclusively about this event in VOGUE, March 2006.
March, 2006
Text by Hamish Bowles
Portraits by Steven Klein

Los Angeles
..Their house's dining area, high-ceilinged and nave-shaped, seems well suited for tonight's ceremonial purpose. The couple will wed beneath a brace of stuffed peacocks and a giant 1930s-style portrait of Marlene Dietrich by Gottfried Helnwein, the German artist who will host the Irish wedding ceremony at his Gothic castle in Tipperary.
Stately Manners
Dita Von Teese, wearing Dior's peacock jersey dress and a thirties tremblant brooch, dances with Manson to Max Raabe and his orchestra in the Great Hall of Gottfried Helnwein's Irish castle.
In the double-height Great Hall, a baronial table covered with Swarovski ruby-colored crystals bear some of the 4,000 black and crimson roses that florist Hayley Newstead has arranged in great volcanic eruptions. Black and gold skull-shaped candles gutter, and a roaring log fire crackles in the hearth. In the dining room, the newly-weds will sit together between two long banqueting tables, lit by the candlelight from towering candelabras spilling with the garnet fronds of love-lies-bleeding, roses and clusters of dark-burgundy grapes...
The tablecloths and napkins have been custom woven in crisp black Irish linen; the napkins are monogrammed black on black with the couple's elaborate Victorian initials. This motif also decorates the Wedgwood side plates and is woven into the black lace curtains that hang at the high windows of the principal reception rooms and invest them with a disquieting, Edgar Allan Poe air of mystery...

Her second husband is a son of Jean - Charles de Castelbajac, fashion designer born in Marocco, creating in France, French nobleman. 
Louise is around 11 years younger than Dita and maybe this is a secret to a happy marriage.

You can fallow her short messages on Twitter or check some photos made by her on Twitpic.
Which is funny because she's no really a great photographer.
...and find posts like her shoes, pets and other...

It is worth it to go through her Perrier advertisement. Perrier

She is promoting Cointreau, even on Twitpic. Cointreau

Her wonderbra project ,as it would be a surprise, is of course very stylish.Wonderbra

She appeared in short movie 'The death of Salvador Dali' which won Jury's Special Award for Excellence in Cinematography at the Aarhus Film Festival, in Denmark in 2006.
Dita Von Teese won the award for Best Female Performance for her depiction of Dali's wife Gala, at The Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2006.

I found the movie on Yahoo Videos Here

I really recommend to buy her book, if you enjoy to read about
glamorous aspects of 40's, 50's.

And that's it for now what I wanted to put together about Dita.