Saturday, 25 June 2011

Caffeine or botox ?

Definitively caffeine in my case...

I woke up. Went to the bathroom. Brushed my teeth. Rinsed my face. Almost awake
...and then I saw it.
Huge wrinkle on my forehead. Deep and juicy ravine. The first one was on the left side. Some time later appeared another one on the right side. 

I observe it and ask myself a question...When did this all happen?? For sure when I wasn't looking.
Of course all my face creams are suppose to be anti-wrinkle. But I couldn't resist buying one of wrinkle fillers.
I know I'm naive but from time to time I just look at it and wonder 'is it smaller finally?'
I went through forums and decided: Avene. Eluage Anti-wrinkle concentrate.

I also avoid sun tanning. By avoiding I mean I don't do it at all plus I use Vichy sun filters like 40, 50 and still I manage to get burned. I like to keep my skin as white as possible. Recently I'm trying out Likas whitening soap. It's easier to handle all spots and marks that way. Even wrinkles and imperfections are less visible. And in the end it's much harder to stay nicely tanned than bright.
White skin makes a perfect contrast base for all compositions of clothes and colors. 
Girls, even 20 years old, write passionately about botox or hyaluronic acid. Can I imagine myself doing that? When I think about side effects probably it would happen to me.

Dita von Teese had her breasts done long time ago because she had a wild narcotic period and after loosing and gaining weight it never looked as before.

'Eventually my weight dropped to 6stone 7lbs and I looked terrible, so I gave up drugs. My breasts never recovered, so when I was 21 I had 32D implants. Now I'm a healthy 8 stone and 2 pounds.'

Read more:

And what about Christina Hendricks bust? Was supposed to be the biggest real one.

Her hair? Dyed since she was 10...

My friend told me recently that your man shouldn't even know you dye your hair. If you're going to the clinic to remove varicose veins, officially make it a Spa trip or just a family visit.
I'm sure it's good for some. 
My boyfriend is against any invasive reparations and has this strange disturbing theory that my happiness is directly proportional to my weight. So disturbing that I'll leave it for now...
I'll check myself again in a year.
So welcome! 
spots on my hands, lines on my neck, breasts which come under the law of gravity
and my new friends - mimic wrinkles on my forehead.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Leaving Legoland

Few days ago people here went out on the streets and pretended to be Brazilians. They had to be simply confused since they forgot to hate foreigners that day.

Those not from here representing f.ex. Bolivia are most likely bounded with local people by marriage or kids. Danish people like one way roads, don't tend to leave their own country and follow their partners. 
I don't think Bolivians came here for this 'major cultural event since 1982' just to have a walk through streets of Copenhagen. 
(now when I recall expression on my face when I saw it for the first had to be strange)
Usually on the side of working with often basic customer service foreigners organize many courses or workshops like salsa dancing...whatever is close to their culture. 
Legoland is great and famous! But when I say about my current place of stay I usually or only hear What??? Where?, Why?!!.

I like when people have fun! It's just that since I've met young people's point of view about those from outside, this time the smell of hypocrisy spread around.
Yes...she's pregnant.

Well, time here is getting to an end. 
So I made a list of things I'm going to miss from here.

Sea. Hopefully for a while only.

Friday's in Malmo. Which is actually everywhere nowadays. 

Cafes, which can be easily replaced.

And definitively irreplaceable bike roads...

...and social welfare!

Era of vintage slips slowly goes away and will start somewhere else. But since it's still here for few more weeks I decided to feed my addiction. 

I love to search and fight for getting 1940s, 1950s slips or nightgowns. Even 1960s and 1970s.
It's like collecting. 
And recently I was not lucky enough to win these items.

Of course changes are always always always good and so I expect only better things.