Sunday, 4 December 2011

Vintage Makeup

There's a lot of how-to-do-great-vintage-makeup videos. I don't like most of them and usually I get really bored before it gets till the end. But these ones are different!
Helena Rubinstein videos:



There's nothing better than watching how professionals do it!

My favourite eye liner for I'm-in-a-hurry times is Yves Saint Laurent Easy Liner.
It's so easy... and sooo not waterproof.
That's why for more demanding look the best for me is MAC waterproof liquid eyeliner. Only some olive can remove it. Any olive is always good and you can also save some money on expensive makeup removers. 

I really like porcelain complexion so to achieve it I constantly use whitening soap like Likas and creams with UV filters.

Not always I use foundation but powder YES! Just like hairspray. 
Powder + Hairspray = necessity in finishing touch

It's so important to keep your skin healthy and even. If you do and when you're in a hurry don't use foundation, just powder your face and run!
I only use loose powders without any colour but recently Clinique and Estee Lauder don't work for me. It's transparent but it makes my face darker and I can see this terrible difference between my chin and decolletage. So I mix it with white loose powder:

I really like the look of Janet Leigh in 'Who was that Lady'. Everything! Clothes and eye makeup! 

Also 'Come September' very nice movie!!!! with Gina Lollobrigida and so beautiful eyeliner shape!!!

From 30s my one and only is in the end Barbara Stanwyck but only in her femme fatale look that brought her possessive character in a real life and in the end divorce with her truly loved husband.
No eyeliner but lips...

Another star is Irene Dunne. She is absolutely great in the movie about divorce, love and the dog. I love the clothes! Yes she looks a bit like a polar bear in her first scene in this white huge fur but everything is so amusing! 
And of course the scene as she's sitting depressed and apathetic in her apartment in this glorious long shiny dress not even thinking of going out !!! is the example for all ladies and 
Ms H. who wander around home in ragged Tshirt. 
Ms H. asked once for my boyfriends used army trousers, that even he didn't use anymore... so she could wear it at home. Fortunately my cat appeared to have more senses than Ms H. and peed on it. Sadly she didn't get it. I'm quite sure she didn't take it as a lucky coincidence and didn't learn the lesson.

 Of course Betty Grable is always in truly Pin Up makeup, but perhaps her hairstyle is always more controversial than her makeup.



  1. I love your blog!!!
    Hair and make up

  2. I love birdcage hat !!! ('modern' bookmark)

  3. That Gina photo is a gem....What a look! Sign me a guy-fan of late 50's early 60's eye makeup. Wow!