Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Futuristic Retro Dame

Who haven't seen Blade Runner ???
Me - many many many times. 
Long time ago I had quite negative feeling towards 30s - 50s. I hated black and white movies and couldn't understand the beauty of vintage style. So I didn't appreciate Rachel, her hairstyle and costumes. 
But I just refreshed it and became obsessed with her!

I wondered how did they do that since the hair trial back scenes didn't really look so fluffy.

Padded arms are absolutely Perfect !

And Furs ! By the way... I just bought short vintage cream Lolita Lempicka faux fur. With huge arms and narrowed waist. I think it looks magnificent. But my sweetheart insist I remind a grizzly bear. Technically should be rather polar one.

Her second stylization is just like Luisa Casati style. I have no idea who created her looks but I'm sure a genius.

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