Wednesday, 28 December 2011

50'erne er tilbage! (50s are back!)

My fascination with vintage look started in Denmark. 
I couldn't bear all the same people all around. As it often happens to couples, boy and girl start to look the same, happens on a large scale in DK. They came to such a perfection that somehow even women and men look alike. 
The most shocking effect of homogeneity you will ever see... in the world of people studying - I mean few years of higher education - how to make an open sandwich, and only sandwich during these long years, which, by the way has a special name: Smorrebrod.
In the world of possibilities where you can also study, I mean S t u d y to become a pedel; means caretaker
Where no one judges your education; no marks at school till the age of 15. 
Where everyone is equal; Nikolay Frederik Severin Grundtvig created theory: don't think you're better than others - don't think you're worse than others.
It castrated Danish society and took away ambition, competition, imagination, creativity, guts and spirit.
Once they used to chop thousands of villages and colonies as Berserks, totally drugged in wild rage. Nowadays they just move like blind ones in fog, slowly with empty expression on their faces, usually emptied from gleam and life, moved only by physiological impulses, ignoring even basics of the Rule Book of How-to-behave-in-society-in-Europe: nothing complicated... just easy things: use Please, give up a seat sometimes for someone, no jeans in opera, don't walk over someones seat in shoes in public places (scary to think what's in private space), let pass (older rule than the Santa Claus himself: First! Go out, Then! Go in - fortunately they do have short teaching film in trains).
They spend a fortune to look like shit(yes Mr G, I know you love it)
One of the most beautiful populations so skilled in keeping Homeless Cool Look. 
It is heavy to observe so many people wearing The Same! Shoes, clothes, bags, the same brands and models, the same colours and patterns, homeless hairstyles - yes, it's to you Danish ladies.
And in all this, not even one gentleman. Died out species in Denmark.
Sometimes you ask yourself Do I See Things?
Difficult to recognize anybody... I always believed that no one wants to look like the neighbour next door, grocery seller just behind the corner, family member, partner, accountant, friend or 99% of people bumping into each other on the side walk.
Maybe they just practise camouflage in these difficult times ??? 
I do warmly recommend some more objective opinions:

So 50s are back on the cover of this Danish Elle !!! But not in Denmark.

For Danes: too much work... that's why here comes to all Danish ladies and Danish-wanna-be (I know plenty of them):

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

If you're closed in a small box with the same potatoes in shape and colour you simply forget that there are tomatoes, carrots and other things.

 Ladies!!! Don't let them fool you! This amazing underwear is NOT Femme Fatale - which is just a lingerie shop in Copenhagen selling with significant profit - it is wonderful (if not polyester!) What Katie Did !!!
Don't be crazy, order online and pay less.

If you have any doubts just try this simple cut - out, stick to your photos and try! At least try!! to imagine that you can look differently.

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