Saturday, 26 November 2011

My Burlesque Outfit

I just finished watching Marjorie Morningstar quite great movie from late 50s. Very classical late 50 s pencil dresses. About a toxic love and this type of a man who's somehow magnetic to majority of women, more egoistic than handsome and in critical moments always reaches to self pity. In other words ... an Asshole
This broadcast is only for some hours but I recommend to subscribe to 99WhatsUpDoc99's Channel on Youtube because Encore happens quite often!

Soon there will be a charity show...
and I got a chance to be in dancing Burlesque chorus !!! The whole dress is suppose to be black.
To built this costume I only needed to buy a hat, Great for my terrible long roots,which I am going to enrich by adding a veil in future use, and fishnet seamed tights.

After-the-show-dress I decided will be something smaller than my petticoated net dress I was thinking of in the first place. Especially this Juliette House of Olivier Petticoat takes a lot of space...

... and without it I'm not sure if I like it.

So as the capacity became first condition I tested all kinds of accessories to my bargain silk dress ...yes, the one...

or none...

But eventually I'll do this one:

With red alarming in shade lipstick and red nails.
Finally I'll show off my glamorous Acrylic, I repeat Acrylic, faux fur proving that real ones are absolutely unnecessary.
But if you're still in a need of the real one, meet a piece of material it's made of:
Lucky Fugitive from a farm

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