Saturday, 10 December 2011

Judy Holliday

I love to look at her. She seemed to be more realistic than Marilyn Monroe and her voice is so ... always in the same tempo, sometimes with mocking tune, sounds like she's making nothing of everything. Which makes it even better in dramatic scenes.
Besides she actually appears in petticoated dresses. Have you ever seen Marilyn in one ???
Such a waste for the world was Judys death in her early 40s caused by breast cancer.
Yes! She was extremely intelligent and proved it in IQ tests.
Yes! Had Russian - Jewish roots.
Yes! I think she had to put her fingers in some communistic matters which placed her on the radio and tv black list for some years, otherwise she wouldn't be questioned about about it, right?... Shame on Judy Holliday !!! Shame !!!

For the first time I saw her in Born Yesterday (part 1/11, fallow the rest) and I had Not Enough of Judy Holliday.

She received Award for Best Actress winning over -and This Is Unbelievable- Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard (watch-it-immediately-movie) and Bette Davis and Anne Baxter in All about Eve (another watch-it-immediately).
I think I would have given award to Gloria Swanson or Bette Davis more likely. But it doesn't mean Judy wasn't in the same class. 

Another great movie is Phffft! (part 1/7, fallow the rest) with Jack Lemmon !!!
It is actually really really funny !!! How-to-divorce plot.

Worth the time is also It should happen to you. It appeared on youtub a while ago but is not there anymore. About Gladys who always wanted to be famous and is addicted to exposing her name on huge billboards.

My three favourite ones.

Another one available on youtub is Bells are ringing. ( part 1/9, fallow the rest)
Musical from 1960. But I strongly recommend all above.

Judy Holliday is strongly addictive.

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