Sunday, 8 January 2012

Black Christmas

Dita von Teese shared that her friend Ali Mahdavi said: black is the best of all colours because it doesn't distract from beauty of the face. My friend thinks that it's the worse option because everything become twice visible; dark circles under eyes, spots, redness, tiredness and gives plus 10 years.
But it really worked for our Christmas especially in this atmosphere on the World. Who wouldn't like to move out from this planet?
Main colour was Black.
Black clothes...

Black wrapping paper...

I don't really wear black. Usually cold colours and No White since it gives me very interesting two-mushroom-soups-please! look. But somehow it happened that recently I purchased few pieces and because I got an amazing pearl necklace for Christmas it actually makes sense !!!
Black and pearls. 

This one is so classical in form. Wool, straight. Sometimes very itchy, but there's nothing I can do. When I wash it by hand it looks like sinking black painting. Everything is black...even my fingers get black. But well... it's worth it - I like to think so.

And definitively My Favourite so far. Velvet! 

The one I've never bought but I believe it's still waiting for me. Somehow everything what I like in 'Most Marvellous' where I sell my recent portrait collection (without any result...something has to be done about it) is constantly there, waiting for months until I buy it.

I have something more black in my plans. EBay is this one thing I just can't quit.
I'm expecting my wardrobe to flood in black very soon. 
Black is my mood recently. I am in the middle of croupier course and I have to admit speed is not one of my features. I wanted to do it since I had an idea to try a night life !
A little bit of change.
And if once I want just to disappear from my present reality I can fluently merge myself into a cruise staff going to ... let's say ... Caribbean.
But the way is long and more difficult than I thought. Especially when you're not a fan of  gambling and have no knowledge of roulette. 
I do know how to deal with people who feel robbed after few years dealing with money so that saves me, slightly I hope.
I expect to cut my eBay habits when I start (and if hopefully) being a croupier and (I hate the word 'work') wear uniform. These sad, usually in hopeless colours, sets of wear made always from lovely polyester. Lucky ones have it with mixture of cotton, but not too much, just 30%. 

'Hold on tightly, let go lightly'. 
Who doesn't know it??? Should watch it now!!!

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