Saturday, 5 March 2011

glamorous men?

It was such a nice day. Even here, when sun is shining the world is beautiful.
Postman woke me up and handed to me Monsoon dress I just won on eBay.
100% silk for 17 GBP.

After brief inspection it appeared it's quite good. Just like described... it's just that... 
I'm even too embarrassed to know what I really think.
I found some small tiny dry pieces of something similar to food stuck to this glorious silk fabric on the bottom of the dress. And huge -in my point of view- brownish stains.
It's not so so so visible because this layer is transparent. But it's there!
...and now, I don't know what to do...
I informed seller that it's slightly disgusting and I really have no idea what's next.
As I began imagining where she was, what she did, terrible thought came to my head...
is it ... vomit?

I had to leave and get my thoughts together. So I went jogging. 

Accidentally I've found in the library Things I wish my mother had told me
by Lucia Van Der Post.

And as I was thinking about this book and people with their sense of glamour I promised myself I will never get lost on my way. 
f.ex. I will never sell or give away any of my clothes with suspicious secretion on it.

I believe it's not only about looks:
There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.
H. Rubinstein

So what about Men? ...those who weren't born with It. 

Already happened to me that:
- acquaintance of mine asked me to launder his underwear,
torn in million places similar to my floor rag which I simply throw out in this condition,
by giving me this to my hand
- working only with men I've found many times Jackson Pollock in the toilet
(in case you're not familiar Jackson Pollock Gallery)
- I had to pour extra perfume portion on me to survive a hot summer day at work surrounded by my male colleagues
- some of my Charleston partners insist on eating garlic bread and onion salad just before dancing lesson ...and look sentence up
- in a small group one of my male companions had a habit to take off his outer clothes and stay only in his underwear to feel comfortable
- men invited to my place for a dinner used to walk around with their own wine bottle like with the best friend and take care only of their own glass

I heard couple of times women saying that a man can be ugly like a pig and saute, just the way Mother Nature created them, as long as they're interested.

Well...handling only Two Major sides: Inner side and Outer side Can not be so difficult !!

But neither have I ever understood Why you can't combine Glamour with Brains.
Lucia van der Post

So let's be Jackson Pollock HERE, but never in real life !!!

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