Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Rising taste of women squeezed in size 0

Recently I received an email from a clothing company with a very straightforward name : RisingTaste. In this email there was a proposal to write about them and get a chance of receiving a coupon worth 10 - 500 USD depending on traffic connected to my blog. 
I have never heard or seen anything related to Rising Taste. But as often happens, names like Rising - Taste, which are suppose to assure that there Is The Taste and it's just Rising now, so in the end  'it will Rise!' and conquer the market, arouse anxiety. 
It did inspire me to protest against mass production!
If it's about the Value, Quality and Intelligence we - The World - are sadly again in Middle Ages where verything is Made in China.

Many designers sell their pieces for crazy prices however it's only made from polyester. That reminds me my huge disappointment with Ivan Grundahl, surprise surprise Danish designer, and his signature labels : 100% PE. So if you like the design, buy it and wear it and sweat like-my-friends-aunt-Alina. 
All rising tastes of H&M style companies are based on mass production and profit only. They carefully produce clothes that fall apart in a certain time, let's say... a year ? Is that enough to make you buy again and replace this what now reminds a piece of washed out rag ? No? I'm sure 6 months will do as well. 
It's hard to imagine that 60 years from now, someone will pay a fortune for a vintage piece of H&M sweater produced in 2000.
I admit I do have some H&M negligee carefully chosen and made of lace, cotton scarves and ... Amazing vintage top produced in Portugal!

But it's only a small percentage which accidentally appeared in my closet. These things are too expensive for their value and undurable. 
How is it possible that 60 years old dresses often look like brand new? That Russian hair remover from 1970 can still reap in a way that Silk - epil Dual never did and never will?
Take even buildings. The old ones, and I mean Oooold ones, are still standing, but the new ones...well...they are under warranty. 
So as we are Here and Now, usually just following the masses - here you have all beautiful curvy ladies in size 16 squeezed in clothes size 8 - the point is to take for consideration:

'Do I look good in this porno chick style which is proposed everywhere I go?'
'Do I take a chance to be mistaken by a man, hooker or 
retarded Lolita-20years-later?'
and ask the key question: 
'What To Choose?'

I recommend to hang a mirror on the door, to see own reflection just before stepping out. 

'Go home take a paper bag and cut some eye holes out of it. Put it over your head, get undressed and look at yourself in the mirror. Really evaluate what your strengths and weaknesses are.
And be honest.' 

For Goodness Sake! Women! Be Honest!


  1. HI! I just got a solicitation from them too. The prices look good but it raises suspicion over the quality. I take it you did not take the offer! Just wondered whether they were reputable and not a scam other than the universal size which leaves me to wonder...we are not all the same size, so what kind of return nightmare would that create!!

  2. it's just really pointless because how can you write about something you've never tried or seen before? And on the other hand why would you buy it at all if it's kind of no-name company... just to get a voucher if this and that? for something that may appear to be totally useless. I wouldn't put my signature under this brand judging by the website.