Sunday, 6 November 2011

Being half way...My Birthday.

I used to like to celebrate my birthday. It was the most important day in November, when I was getting closer to my freedom, as I thought that time, and while being 14 and lying that I'm 16 I could actually feel a bit better about it. 
But since I'm statistically half way to be out of this world I like to have a quite day because what is there to celebrate ???
However it's true, I love presents !!!! and surprises !!!!!
So not to give my sweetheart a chance to miss it, I always circle the date in a big wall calendar. In the end if you don't take care of yourself no one will.

From my friend, who provides me with the best jewellery ever and encourages me the most in being me, I got already Swarovski Cherries, grey pearls and fork bracelet, which became a part of my body. This time, I got....

...Swarovski heart.
Yes, in the beginning I was really shocked. Heart shapes don't really compose with my personality. Nor butterflies, kitties or stars. 
But as I put it on... I decided it will be truly extravagant 'put-together' when f.ex. I'll fight with office workers over some certificate. I'm afraid I'm not really the sweetest person ever and cruel honesty comes easy to me, so most of the time I seem to be a bit rough, which I consider to be The Norm.
Exactly this, as I decided, made me a perfect material for wearing kitschy heart shapes.

And I like it more and more. Thank You !!!
I also got 49 ...kind of... business cards and obviously! red card holder. As I am approached by random people interested in my look, My Love found out I should have some cards so I can share my blog and give them answers to all their questions. 
It's a fact that most of interested people are 60 and up.
I don't think I'll share my cards with them... but still sometimes there are younger ones who really want to know how and what.
And the reason why I made this blog was to share my knowledge about this kind of style and make it easier for all women who want to reborn this way. 
So now! whenever I meet someone - who's not using a walker and looks like have a laptop, computer and internet and starts asking questions - I can share ... :

I am still surprised I actually have it! Especially that sometimes while we're walking down the street I have a feeling My Love is hiding behind every street lamp or huge trash bin throwing comments like 'do you have to look like you just came down from the scene?'.
I also have a list of few things I am not allowed to put on if we go out together.
Which makes this present even more appreciated.
Thank You !!!
I'm also in the process of arranging a present for myself, as every year. No one knows about it. And I can't wait to get it!! But I'll mention about it next time because still it's a Surprise. 


  1. Just found your blog, and I must say you are so pretty!!

  2. Thank you ! You're not bad yourself !!