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Marilyn Monroe

This is my 3D portrait made on plasterboard with acrylic and gypsum.

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Everyone one knows everything about Marilyn Monroe .
I just bought Vanity Fair only because they published pieces of her diaries.
I am quite dissapointed with the whole article. It is not precised at all. A lot of journalist's interpretation and too little unrevealed facts which allow to create own opinion.
But I found few things that somehow escaped my notice;

1. Marylin's mother and grand-mother were hospitalized. Locked up.
It is not true that she was an orphan literally. It was created for masses. She had to experience many foster houses but only because her mother was locked up in psychiatric ward.
...and with Marylin

2. She spent three days in New York Hospital - Cornell Medical Center at 68th Street.
Was it here?

She entered all glamorous, in fur coat. Presented herself as Faye Miller.
By the way...Faye Miller was the character in MadMen series. Consumer-reasearcher in Don's company. If you watch it..

So she signed papers and she was looking forward to spend couple of days in this treatment facility resting.
It appeared she was placed in a padded room in a locked psychiatric ward. All her things were taken away. She was forcibly bathed and put in hospital gown.
I have no idea how could she write and send any letters - journalist mentions nothing about it. So she send some letters. Her doctors and friends didn't react exept Joe DiMaggio who took her away from there.
How did she contact him?
How did he remove her?
From other website I know he managed to make her transfer to another hospital.

She went through hell. The whole trip was the idea of Dr. Marianne Kris, Viennese woman.
It was suppose to be rest cure. Instead it brought Marylin's biggest nightmare : that she as her mother and grand - mother aslo has serious mental problems and should be locked.

In the end Dr. Kris also became beneficiary of Marylin's will. Accidently? or not?

3. I have never read anything about her experiencing sexual insults. According to Vanity Fair she was harrased three times. What When How? No answer.

However it was really sensual to look at her notes, handwriting...

Much Better than buy Vanity Fair is to make small research on the net!
What I found on

Some not so well known events in Marilyn's life.

Marilyn's grandmother and mother were both diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Marilyn's mother Gladys had witnessed violent behavior between her parents.

Marilyn's grandfather, Mr. Monroe (first name is not known) once took a pet kitten out of daughter Gladys' hand and flung it against a brick fireplace.

Delia Monroe, Marilyn's grandmother, was prone to rages and outbursts. It was said that a newspaper boy was afraid to knock on her door. Though she appeared to love her granddaughter, once when Marilyn (at 4-5 months of age) threw a bowl of food on the floor, Delia repeatedly spanked her.

Another episode occurred shortly before Delia was committed to a state hospital in the summer of 1927. Delia had taken 13 month old Norma Jean for the afternoon. Marilyn, later told her third husband, Arthur Miller, that she awoke from her nap and could hardly breath because something was pressed against her, perhaps a pillow. It has been said that an infant that young could not remember such an episode, but people close to Marilyn believe it happened.

Gladys' first husband (Baker) had permanent possession of her other two children, Jack and Berneice. When admitted to the hospital to give birth to Marilyn, Gladys would state that her other two children were "dead".

Gladys would have long periods of depression where she would feel lonely and rejected. She was given to outbursts of uncontrollable laughter and crying. In 1934, she became hysterical and suffered a nervous breakdown. She was carried away, strapped in a stretcher and was later committed to the State Asylum in Norfolk. Marilyn would suffer her own nervous breakdown in 1960.

Marilyn claimed that she had been raped at 7 or 8 years of age.

Marilyn was devastated that she could not have a child. She suffered two miscarriages and was rumored to have had a child when she was a teenager (note: this is contested by some who claim this never happened) and had given it up for adoption.

The long delays in the shooting in the hot Nevada sun of "The Misfits" contributed to the death of her co-star Clark Gable, who Marilyn had secretly pretended was her father.

Marilyn was upset to learn that while she was earning $100,000 a picture, Elizabeth Taylor was being paid $1,000,000 for "Cleopatra". However, shortly before her death Marilyn was thrilled to know that the publishing of her nude photos would push Liz off the front pages.

Towards the end of her life, Marilyn was so dependent on drugs and alcohol that it would take the whole day to complete one scene of film footage.

The preceding information was researched by Rosa Silvestri.

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