Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Me in 40s

Recently I started to buy more dresses from 1940.
It is more difficult since it is further in time. It is an occasion to get one in excellent vintage condition.

Closer to the body than 50s. Rather no volumetric shapes. Shoulder pads are very common. Still waist has a meaning. Length is longer, behind knee, half - calf.

Dita von Teese in her book describes it like this:

Till now I was mostly fascinated in hairstyles from this period. Until I bought my first one, on eBay, from amazing seller. God knows where does she take it from!
This unique dress was actually "brand new". Still with tags. So I am the first person wearing it.
I am not sure about the fabric. Cotton, wool, linen, rayon, acetate and silk were widely used.
I guess it is cotton and acetate lining.

Unfortunately I can not find any information about the company.
But this dress is really demanding. You have to make your hair and flats are out of question.
Otherwise you may be taken as slightly mental person. I know it doesn't look so scary on the photo but reality says something different.
My boyfriend hates this dress and -as always when he criticizes- calls it 'granny style'.
In spite of this I'm still trying to look good in it.
I know I failed with hair on this photo but ... next time ...

I should have gone for my 'the best in a hurry' option:

Which is probably more 50s but would fit better.

Going back to dresses... there is another one, from the same eBay seller, on its way :)
I am excited to find out how does it fit.

Rembrandt is quite popular brand among vintage dresses. You can easily find it online.
I already have one with the same label and I'm satisfied that is why I count on it.

There is something more... there is another one which I'd like to win but I'll have to wait couple of days more for maybe yes, maybe not.
Dress with jacket.
So let's hope the price won't go so much up.

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