Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My stockings

I am partial to stockings and garter belts.

But it wasn't easy before I learnt what's good what's not and most of all what I like and what I don't. You can not try it on. Everyone likes it on different hight so you can not relay on shop assistants advice and info on the package is too general.
So I spent a lot of money during my life on stockings which were too short, once too long and rarely to tight. Surely I still will because it's always like that when you check new brand.

What I know now is that for me there are only and only seamed stockings.
The rest doesn't count. Maybe only if you feel like cleaning the house in some stockings and belt. Then please do that, but no seams, just plain ones so nobody will cry over a ladder.

Seamed Stockings

Dita's Book. Anatomy of a seamed stocking.

From so many kinds I guess all will agree the top is Fully Fashioned.
Only 30 pairs can be produced in one hour.

There goes the list that I've tried:

My favourite.
Very soft. Many sizes so you can really find the best fit.
Not so available though. Made on original Reading machinery.
There are only few old and traditional machines in UK.
This one was bought by Gio from Aristoc in 90s.
So these are stockings made in original way as it was in 50s.
There is no way any company can make these traditional FF stockings using modern equipment. That is why it's very important to find such FF!

It should cost max. 15GBP.
I've seen it on eBay many times much more expensive than it should be.

It works like this, Gio produces some supply, let it go to sell and we wait for another batch.
It takes a lot of time.

I'm size uk 12/ eur 38/ us 8 and 169cm.
I use 10 but it is long. For some belts I have to go down to 9,5.
I used grey - too greish, silverish, sick color, navy-blue - like it, black - is just black.

It can be point heel.

And cuban heel - my favourite.


What Katie Did
Foundress of this company had a goal. And it was to create high quality stockings for every woman in reasonable price.
I'd say she failed. It is quite expensive or just as the rest.
What Katie Did has some really good pieces. It's famous for corsets.
I have a lot of WKD lingerie and I'll write about it some other day - the minus - widely used polyester.
Their stockings are changing constantly. I was lucky to buy some time ago few pairs FF with red seam, natural seam and cooper color seam.
Not so many sizes. I chose Medium and I have to admit it's perfect.
I paid around 14 GBP and it's OK price.

It really doesn't loose shape after 6 months up to year of use (if you're lucky not to destroy it).
I buy it only if there's something in this price range.
I wouldn't give 20 GBP for a pair.
You can check it HERE.

You can find them in many online shops. Good, long, soft. Size M just perfect for me!
Nice seam. But after 6 months it gets longer and longer. It rather looses shape. I liked it when was brand new. But now I know I won't buy it again because for the same price I can get something which will last longer.

Not Fully Fashioned don't have the keyhole which is so exciting end of every FF.
The feeling is worse. Nylon is rough. Forget about the softness.
Very important!
 the 1940s look book

...and you really do have to buy one size bigger.
I often make this mistake and I don't and always regret.

The welt contrasts so nicely. This stocking definitively doesn't melt in color. It is very graphic.
That's a plus.
The heel is a bit short. Doesn't look so distinguished.
And buy bigger than you should. It is cheaper than FF.

Eva Chic
Polish stocking. Very similar to Cervin. If not Cervins juicy welt color and a hill it would be the same.
Somehow black is smaller than cinnamon color. Why?
I bought exactly what Nylony Pl recommends and next time I'll buy bigger.
But price is so optimistically low.
They send abroad so anyone can get it. Here is online shop - XXX

The most important:
no matter your sobriety level,
temporary lack of manners,
strong language,
Your Seams Have To Be Straight.


  1. Just love the photo of the very attractive woman looking back over her left shoulder down at her seamed stockings. Absolutely wonderful. Full of glamour, sunshine and petticoats. G

  2. I'm so glad you like it! My friend pressed the button and both of us are proud of this one.