Monday, 6 February 2012

hair setting and pincurls

Before my cat Wiktor will finish with this book completely,

 I decided to save some images and store it here. I bought it some time ago on eBay. It's rather copy of a copy of some notes, binded together and sold as a 'book'.
I believe it's no longer available.

In pin curls:

- it is possible to sleep in it
- it is the fastest way to make your hair in the morning, you just have to master combing and brushing over your palm 
- it is always easier to put it together, in case we can't achieve the target
- you have to put your whole head into to a hairspray to keep it alive (and have it in your purse)
- and kilos of styling mousse 
- do it on almost dry hair
- use straight bobby pins (so they don't deform the curl)
- don't expect to look sexy or even nice after you finish ... pincurling 

I, personally, can't see much difference between most of these pattern. But well here they are:

When you do it... just think about the result. 
It can be striking !!!

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