Friday, 17 February 2012

Advanced Style

I should definitively hang out with these ladies !!!

1. "You have to get dressed every day so you may as well get dress Well. It's like eating."

3. Pay attention to details: earrings + hat + shoes
I'm not really into jewellery but I feel stronger and stronger temptation towards large vintage brooches...and of course I love my pearls and swarovski.

4. It is true! You'll get a lot of fans. People come to me as well, they have a need to tell me how much they like the way I look and they smile. It is a "loop of love".

5. Collect, be patient and have a vision. "7 years my outfit took." There are things I don't know yet how to put together or seem to be incomplete but eventually it will happen.
"I have things in my closet, that even I wouldn't wear!" Beth Rudin DeWoody.

6. Show off the outfit !!! Biking is a great deal. I used to have vintage inspired red large bike with wattle basket but since in UK bike roads simply don't exist I had to sell it.
I am considering fold-up bike but I can't stand the idea of small wheels.
It is surprising how many people will show you their interest.

And a helmet... I don't even have one neither. It would totally destroy my hairstyle.

7. It is like a painting. I can't think about different approach. 

8. Never fallow fashion rules. How is it that a bunch of people says they know better what and how you should dress and possibly forbid you things you love or look good in?

9. "They think it's crazy." They will really do think you're a complete nut or even feel offended even though there'll be no nudity. "Do we care?" Who cares? "Harmony" is the state you gain when you're simply yourself and being by yourself in your own company is never waisted time.

10. "You're never over the top." "More is not enough." 
Yes. Why do we need minimalism if surfeit is enough ?

11. "...for hanging around at home? What the heck! I have a good time."
and here I started to think about my unhealthy addiction: house gowns, peignoirs and housecoats that took over my whole wardrobe.
Look good at home with yourself. 

12. "No one tells us what to do any more." Well my aunt recently informed me: "I'm not sure I like your style..." sounds dangerous.
"Who's going to tell me I look inappropriate? 
I don't care.
I can do whatever I want.
I'm not inappropriate.
I'm not stripping.
I'm not embarrassing anyone.
I'm just being myself."
Don't pay attention to what others say or think. Who said they have monopoly for what's right, what's wrong?

13. Experiment. I'm using one buttoned dress as a summer coat, three dresses with removed lining as nightgowns and black leather wedge shoes with oversized ribbon as slippers.

14. Buy and wear hats !!! "The only romantic thing left in life is a Hat."

Mimi Weddell


  1. I was looking for something like this Videos and I am so glad that I finally found it

  2. They are so refreshing !!! I'm glad you did.