Monday, 20 February 2012

The best Hair in the history !!!

Lana Turner in 'The Bad and the Beautiful'.

It's not a hairstyle. It's a sculpture. A Masterpiece!

Here some photos of article from one book, I made it long time ago and forgot the book's title.

Jean Brooks in 'The Seventh Victim'.

Only 1943 but so innovative !!! I used to do it myself; grab scissors and cut the front in a shape of short fringe almost like cut from the helmet.
But I've been asked so many times to stop it that eventually I did...

Joan Caulfield in 'The Lady says No'.
Right away I started parting my hair in the middle.

Sandra Dee in 'If a Man Answers'.

And my yesterday's hair just before having a shower. I'm constantly experimenting, curling, testing styling products...
I must say Not bad! Not bad at all!

to be continued...

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