Tuesday, 28 February 2012

going to the Post Office

Yesterday while watching Twilight Zone, I tried but couldn't finish - connection issues, I pin curled my hair. If I really try to do it nicely it takes 15 min. 
Usually it's just an accident if it looks great. And this is what happened today.
Brushing is extremely important. Later on sculpting it with a comb is a key action.
Some litres of hairspray. 
And voilà  !

Yes. Glycolic peels at SKIN clinic are marvellous and better than any cream ever.
I did bought the whole series (for 6 months) paying special offer prices and spent almost monthly rent by doing it. But well... no one knows it except me!

At SKIN clinic there's this amazing 'exfoliate cleanser'. It is definitively worth buying. It contains glycolic acid you can just continue treatment at home. 
I always discover these kind of things (many all kind of things) so late...
My beautician lady is 28 and already had botox to prevent forehead wrinkles. Well...
that's not for me.
Anyway new antiredness creams helped me a lot but I still struggle with transparent loose powders. They are just to dark for me! So I ordered few kilos of White Loose Star Gazer Powder and I'll mix it.

So I pinned it on the sides and put on the genuine 40s dress, bought as never worn with tags.
My love hates it. Says I look like elderly person. 
It's cotton so I like it. I don't feel the most comfortable or rather confident in it but once a woman at the airport loved it so much that I decided, ok maybe there's something in it.

I should definitively get a brown leather belt because this looks just simply embarrassing...

Anyway, sometimes I don't feel like it; recreating or building myself, but I just simply can't disappoint my fans!!! And they are there! Together with those who think I'm mental...
Especially this one around - 50years old - lady at the post office who always bursts out laughing when she sees me. Couldn't disappoint her either.
So I had a long walk in my new Vintage 60s - 70s wool cape that I managed to shoot for 30GBP and saw it on eBay also for 60-80GBP.

Nothing annoys me more than wind destroying my hairstyle. Especially when accidentally it worked. It seriously pisses me off and I just can't understand Why? WHY I ASK?? in Northampton, the furthest point from the Sea, is so Windy ?!?!
So I walk around in scarves.
It doesn't suit me. Doesn't make things look better but there's just nothing more to do.
I got the bag in TKmax for peanuts and Corder gloves eBay of course.

While I was getting to my destination I had to fight my way through all UNICEF consultants. 
They had to have quite a fun when my heel stuck in between paving stones and I even managed to make another step without a shoe. Had to return and aggressively pull it.
Well, happens... me quite often.
But after the post office I managed to arrive to the doctor in one piece with slightly raw feet, as usual. But I love Jones the Bootmaker! Even though it kills my feet I buy pair after pair.
So a nurse appeared to be an ex-hairdresser in 50s! She mentioned women had their hair set every week and it was the most busy profession.
In one piece I reached home checking bike shop on my way.
I am going to buy a bike.
My Danish Red Love with a huge wicker basket was sold. I thought nothing will replace it but now I decided it's time.
And so... I don't know what to choose!!!
And I have only 10 hours left to make the decision.


This one:

or this one:

Not that I expect comments or something... but Please !!! if you read this, even if you don't usually comment, or don't care...but Please !!! Help me !!! which one ? only 10 hours...

And soon I'll be able to start bike - showing - off that has only one minus...How to protect your hairstyle. Naturally helmet is out of question.
I have two cloche hats, winter and summer one.
But scarves are always working.


  1. Tough choice with the bikes! I'd say the pink one since the frame is so much nicer, but the darker one might be a bit better since the saddle also matches the handles and the great basket (the basket really makes it!).

    PS: I just found your blog and really enjoy it!

    1. - I'm so happy you enjoy it !!! sometimes I wonder... does anybody read this. But I treat it as my kind of notebook with style inspiration. And! I'm going to change the basket for bigger one!

  2. I love your blogs as well but always felt a bit shy to comment, but since you're asking... I can picture you more on the dark bicycle, it seems to suit your style better, going by your photos. Hope I've not just added to your confusion! xxx

    1. - Don't be shy! I so like when people comment! That's the most exciting part of having this blog, for me.

  3. Also, I love the 40s cotton dress, wish I could find things like this but being tall it's hard to find the right length, also not to look gawky in heels. x

    1. - How tall are you??? I was thinking about it today and made a small research. You can always check Ingrid Bergman - 1.78m, how she kept up her style.
      40s - Notorious:

      You also have Lauren Bacall 1.73m or 1.74m.
      50s - 'how to marry a millionaire'
      or Written on the wind:

      A lot of vintage dresses have extra length in hem. 90% of my dresses I make longer (if possible) or I ask before if there's some extra in hem. I don't have sewing machine. I do everything by hand, meter and iron, (a bit clumsy but I'm sure you wouldn't say!). And my doctor just checked, I'm 1.68 but I swear!!! few years ago I was 1.69. Probably I stood somehow strange...
      You can always run around in flats, it's so comfy.
      And heels are not obligatory, nothing is actually... I guess it's about feeling good in new style. But it always comes with time.


  5. I did like the black one the best I must say, especially the little basket. You asked my height and I must admit, I'm not totally sure, always thought I was 5 ft 10in but measured at doctor's last year as 5ft 8in which made me very happy, but when I told my best friend she just gave me a dubious look as if she was thinking there was no way I was as short as that, so I ended up wondering if I was just slumping when I got measured. I'm tall enough that my height gets comments anyway. xx

    1. I know! Paula Prentiss was 5ft 10.
      (the darker one in brown suit)
      I wouldn't say this vintage style has some height requirements.
      Whatever you want to do just do! You can start from pencil dresses! That's always safe. It just has to be below knee. Sometimes I ask artists on eBay to make a skirt or dress for me in my measurements and usually I don't pay more for this.
      And if vintage (by the way genuine 30s are always longer) is difficult to find go for or (this one is Amazing!)

      everything is possible.

  6. I did buy a Firetrap dress in the sales recently that is below the knee and very Vivienne Westwood I think, got lovely shoes to wear with it too but feel very tall in them though my daughter says they're fine, she wears really high heels though! I don't wear dresses much really as I have 4 children, two are young, so I wear what's quick and easy usually, but sometimes it's nice to dress up and my personality is the type that's always been more attracted to older styles, I like romantic and nostalgic things, that's why I like your blog I guess! x

    1. I don't know much about life with children, but I hope and still believe that anything is possible when you have it. Check those ladies, creative energetic pin-up-mamas: