Sunday, 22 January 2012

My Pet - 'treat your husband as a dog'

Average man receives much less affection and care than a pet.

I got so inspired by Sandra Dee look in this movie, which came like salvation since I'm quite tired of my hairstyle. It still needs improvement but couldn't be so bad if my course mate had an urge to get this photo.

Too flat, asks for back-combing and something more ...

Fallowing the movie:
If you want a perfect marriage treat your husband as a dog. Makes sense.
- Ignore the fact that Bobby Darin woke up one day, supposedly, and decided to divorce Sandra Dee. -
Pet him, stroke him. When I do it frequently but in small dozes he's always happy. It seems then he's not talking but starts even singing ..
Never loose your temper with a pet!!! I should write it in some visible place and practise concentration with relaxation in dramatic moments. It definitively puts an end to all arguments. However my aunt has a theory that big dogs just have to be overpowered physically. Just have a brutal fight, once and forever which will establish who the winner is.
If a pet doesn't want to fallow, just let him in the start. Later on when he's happy on his track just try to point him suddenly but firmly to your desired direction. I do have to try it harder. Usually when I say 'let's go there!' cross-grained he really objects and usually stays for next couple of hours in the same place. But if I ask 'so what do you want to do today?', there's a long list of ideas. Then it's not difficult to push him aside. A bit distracted maybe will even be satisfied.
Praise him all the time. Every single the most simple action. Like taking trash out, hoovering, washing dishes... eventually he will throw himself rapidly on everything he thinks he's good at. Yes, I recommend. Truly works.

I would definitively put to this guide:
Have some secrets.
Don't share the bathroom in the same time...unless you're having a bath.
Never tell true prices you paid.
Admit only to 1/4 or less shopping you did.
Always say that the thing you're wearing is so old and how could he missed that! - If you're asked.
Never underline you're going to a hairdresser or beautician. Even if you mention he'll never remember and will think you don't really need so much assistance. (I so fail in this matter)

Getting to basics:
Always wear sexy lingerie.
Wear black stockings...or at least stockings...
Sleep in alluring nighties. I, personally, sleep in extra, over the top alluring nightdresses to counterbalance use of teeth protector, I have to use because of bruxism, and pin curls.
Find out your the most beautiful version of I-feel-ugly-and-do-nothing-about-it instead of being seriously shredded. 
Don't argue too much but in the end in silence always do your stuff, be true to yourself above all.
Trust only yourself.
Always be independent. 

And if it doesn't work...fallow the movie and find yourself a lover, at least imaginary one. 

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