Monday, 11 July 2011

Taschen, Andre de Dienes and Marilyn Monroe

I love TASCHEN books.
I can't live without pin up calendars:
wall calendar

Tear-off calendar

Notebook calendar

...and still I have Gil Elvgren by Taschen

Taschen published also stories by Eric Stanton:

So I got extremely excited when I saw amazingly published Marilyn Monroe photos taken by Andre de Dienes and his diaries concerning their relationship.

All photos and diaries were given by Andres wife.

He describes all events from the moment they've met till her death.

I didn't appreciate him much after I finish the book. I guess he'd seen himself as a gentleman but I got the feeling that deep in his heart he was just a very simple man guided by his urges. He has claimed they were friends and Marilyn has thought of him as a family at some point.  But there are few moments where he describes her being depressed and with a lot of problems and still the only thing he's thinking of is having sex with her.

In his opinion sex with him would have solved all her struggles !!!
But that's true that for a while they were engaged however not really living together or next to each other.

Andre has been very superstitious. He has kept contact to fortune tellers, believed even in fortune telling through the phone, trusted in faith and all kind of signs.

I think that's the way she'd look down at her own death.

Few memories about her wanted to break up with sex bomb stereotype interpreted  in an interesting way by Andre.

There are many stories describing lonely Marilyn.
How placeless she was...

How she couldn't mange her problems and depression and how she faded...
That's actually quite strange how he describes no name model as much more sexy than Marilyn herself.

Book contains mostly photos of young Marilyn.

Probably all her future was written in lines on her hand.

Must - have for all fans!

She was very a beautiful and talented woman. I don't believe she has ever used plastic surgery to improve her beauty., about this swimming suit...
My boyfriend and my friend think it is absolutely unacceptable to wear this kind of design nowadays because the shape is too 'granny style'.
I would definitively buy it and use it. 
It's very sexy. But maybe I just lost sense of reality...?
However I wouldn't buy original one because it's too much underwear kind and unfortunately I haven't met any nice reproductions yet.


  1. I love your blog. I, too, think that some of the older fashions were very stylish. A lot of today's fashions seem to reveal too much, whereas there is something to be said for the simple elegance and style of years ago. Very nice.

  2. Norma Jean was so much prettier than Marilyn Monroe. Before becoming Marilyn she did have plastic surgery. In the book you can tell a nose job was done. So sad bc the pictures as Norma Jean were so great. In my opinion so much prettier bc her personality came across and she seemed so carefree. Photos of Marilyn Monroe are generally so posed and she took on the "dumb blonde" role when she was actually very smart and witty. Unfortunately also very damaged by society and trying to fulfill horny mens expectations.