Sunday, 24 July 2011

Hard not to buy it !

I love 50s cardigans ! I’ve found amazing shop with all kind of vintage furniture and some vintage clothes here in Northampton.
I already hunted there intensively red Marks and Spencer coat. Too big but since I've got the idea to tailor some of my clothes…I’ll pick it up on Wednesday!
So usually I come in and see it immediately. I have photographic memory so when I saw this label:

I knew design will be gorgeous. 
First one I won on eBay of course. It had small tiny hole that I fixed and wool is a bit thinner and more fragile than the ‘new one’ I just bought.

I know already that Peter Scott has used ‘new kind’ of wool, as advertised: washable, shrink and resistant – Pure New Wool.
...I think that my green one shrank a bit… I believe that Everything can be hand washed. EVERYTHING. 
Doesn’t matter that I ruined one dress by washing it with another one too blue to be washed together with anything else. Also some knickers I accidentally damaged…I really shouldn’t have soaked it with darker lingerie.

Still Peter Scott design gives truly 50s shape. Just like turned triangle.
So I got myself loch blue Peter Scott cardigan.

No, it’s not like the one I already have. It’s greyish blue. Excellent condition. 
With original label which means, probably, it has never been worn.

About never worn items…I have this 40s brown dress. My boyfriend hates it because it's too granny style as he calls it. Well I like it. I just read somewhere that when Dita von Teese is choosing things to her house she's guided by the question : Would my Grandmother buy it?
Not that I do that but for my boyfriend I reach mostly this kind of effect.
It arrived to me from eBay seller with original labels.

After I abducted Peter Scott cardigan I noticed 100% cashmere dirty pink - another one. Again with original label.

Great condition but a bit mécheux at the back. So it will need a bit shaving and will be just as new!

Also thanks God for PayPal! As eBay addict I have had a lot of unpleasant experience. PayPal helped to get my money back so many times.
The turquoise dress I wrote about last time was advertised as: 


Great wearable condition, one or two small food marks to the right side of the bodice and skirts which I am sure would go with a dry clean.

So I did spent 15GBP for dry cleaning and more orange dots revealed themselves all over. I opened a case and seller informed me he’s so sorry that: ‘send the dress back and I’ll refund dress and shipping costs’. When I asked him what about dry cleaning costs – finally if you’re so sure food marks will go off why don’t you clean yourself before selling? – he refunded it without a word.I guess I'll work on it a bit now. What I do usually is buying thread in exact dress colour. So all my mistakes won't be visible so much since it's the same colour...I figured.

I’m not a tailor however my grandmother is but I know absolutely nothing about it. I was quite grown-up when I sewed my first button. But I really like to take care of all my vintage clothes. I enjoy keeping them alive, wear them, fix as much as I can, wash and iron.
 Maybe there’s no other like this one? I have a feeling of responsibility. If it lasted so many years I can’t be the one who’ll ruin it. If your wool cardigan is 50 it is better to count the time when you leave it in water to get rid of this characteristic oldie smell. Otherwise you’ll take it out three sizes smaller.

About the smell… my friend helped me finally to discover mystery of
What’s - this – smell – dress which is one of my favourites.

I’m fighting it and still can’t help but wonder Do people feel it too ?


  1. I love your blog!! glad I found it

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