Monday, 18 July 2011

Daily Things

And again I spent today lots of money online… I threw 80 GBP only for silk knickers from Ayten Gasson

Also I’m happy to say that my boyfriend is Not reading my blog at all.
But even without him I always feel guilty when spend some money on myself. At the same time I can’t stop doing that. So finally I accepted the feeling and take this guilt as the receipt which goes with…
Amazing silk lingerie!! They’re using original vintage printed silk and lace to produce these miracles !! So I ended up buying even another pair as I already have. Strange. 

Accidentally I won vintage nylon petticoat. Without constant internet access I have some difficulties with following my ‘winning for me’ website. I’m not so sad about it though..

Another eBay dress I won appeared to be all in stains and I mean not removable stains.. I have no idea why sellers cut their own wings by stating: these are just food marks. I’m convinced it will go away with dry cleaning.

That’s what I did and in the end I decided to take my friends advice.. huge lego fan, experienced eBay buyer and seller who’s opening directly a PayPal case as a first step anytime whenever anything goes wrong. There was a time when I used to be nice.
I used to write an email first. ‘Hi! Unfortunately something’s wrong with your item…’ and I’ve waited for two days. Than again another email and a week time. In the end I did open the case and got responds like : ‘Oh sorry, I was on holiday…’ ‘I didn’t have internet…’ or ‘I haven’t noticed your emails.’
So I’m waiting now. To escalate in the claim.
And the dress…well...
Fortunately there are some good bids:

And this is The Back !

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