Thursday, 14 April 2011

Men VS Corsets

Second part focuses on the wedding. 
Everything is prepared. Welcoming guests. 

All guests belong to the same group of interest. Only men are hearable in the crowd. Women are of course silent because of gags.

Bride is totally kept by corsets and other leather extras. 

She's in mask and wig. Her arms are tied behind so two fake ones are attached to create a 
perfect doll.

To make it clear... all ideas come actually from women themselves. 
So the wedding begins.

Shortly after bride is untied because she's too tired. And so the guests have a wedding cake.

Afterwards young couple go for their honeymoon.

With Fifi - maid at the back.

Their time is passing on gagging games...

and the wedding night of course.

She wears special sleeping shoes - to practise her feet. 
(The family has their own dress maker.)
So they live like a 'normal' couple. Having meals together...

...playing golf...

...hide and seek...

...having family meetings.

"Another kind of society altogether, where a tiny waist counts for more than family history, pretty legs take the social place position and a tight gag is the passport to complete acceptance."

So beautiful and exciting.
...just what about joints ??

As I talked with girls I found out that men are afraid of this kind of aesthetics
Corsets, garter belts, stockings.
My friend wanted to test it on her husband. So she got one set, kind of 'corset' style lingerie and stockings. Let's say soft version.
It didn't work. He didn't like it.

For modern men it's terrifying.
They don't really see so often seamed stockings, and corsets...sometimes never in their existence. (on live)
We admire this what we see everyday. 
And obviously they're afraid of this what they've never experienced.
Don't like what they've never seen before.

Everyone thinks that is ready to experience new things but in reality there's just closed cage made from judgements based on nothing.
Fear of liking something so forgotten and pushed on the side by majority.
There's No distance. No sense of humour. Everyone and everything is so serious.

A girl having her own pole in the middle of her small rented room is offended by striptease jokes.
Blondes are touched by stories about blondes.
Personal life is such a grave subject that it's not proper to take it with laugh

Once while I was biking, an older man stopped me asking if these are real, authentic seamed stockings I'm wearing. He hasn't seen it for long long years. And it made him happy.
I'm almost sure that for women who knew their sexuality in 50s, 60s ... sex was much more wrapped in details of passion. Corsets, laces, ropes, stockings, bullet bras...

What we have now is cotton bras, cotton panties, socks.

So Who Cares?
Why not to wear all these sexy stuff all day, every day.


  1. Interesting. I have always loved those illustrations, their style has been an influence on me as an artist.
    It is sad that people are so serious and so afraid of themselfs these days.
    I agree...wear it every day

  2. "For modern men it's terrifying"

    Not for me I wish every women wore corsets..stocking lovely.
    I have given them as gifts and its always been "hard" to put on or stocking are annoying etc..ho humm.

    Give me a garter belt to see a glimps of any day.