Sunday, 29 May 2011

Ladylike Lady

I came back from my travels more tired and dashed than I expected. 
As I haven't lost my faith in people completely - there are still few who make me think 'no, it's not the end yet'  - I realised there is less and less ladylike behaviour. 
I give a lot of credit to men because Who knows in the end what do they really mean...
But women I can mark...I was born with the license to do so.

No one is perfect that's why Christian Dior tried to save us from nature and we can try to save ourselves from boorishness.

- Cosmetics are precious for every woman (almost every ?) so No, we just don't use them or touch them. Unless we ask.

- Let's not underestimate power of casual conversation. That's much better than choosing to focus attention on your problems only or vulgar ignorance. 
'The World's belly button' syndrome is So Not elegant.

 - If you decide to stab someone in the back, please, don't do it in the living room with audience because blood is splashed everywhere and these stains are hardly ever removable.
Have enough brains to put white gloves on.

- Build your self-esteem. 
It helps not to offer yourself to every, even engaged man. That is So Not classy. 
And don't hit the bottom by stalking a guy who simply doesn't want you. Especially if he's with someone else. 
Otherwise for the question : Am I really hopeless and not good enough ???
Answer yourself : Yes...

- If you decide to let someone down, loose trust, turn the words, situations against someone, 
have in your mind That was the last time. For everyone's goodness say goodbye and move on. Alone. 
Because fixing requires more class and skills than understanding the first sentence.

- If you really have to show your bottom and constantly degrade your man by the dinner table with your guests...
slap yourself in the face and hide under the table. Please remain there until you apologise you were born as a woman.

- Self - assertion helps not to become a problem to others. 
Write it on your mirror with a lipstick. (if you use one)
Later on when someone asks you a favour:
say No and make less trouble
or say Yes, if you mean it, and do it effectively with a smile on your face.

- Don't play stupid. 
If something has happened it happened! 
You should always clean up after your mess.

- If you don't know what to say... well, it's hard to deal with own stupidity...
Stay Quiet.
Instead of f.ex.:
'Where is a beauty store? I wanted to buy a lip balm. But not the one that you have. Yours is sooo non-hygienic.' + disgust on your face.

- Never and ever do so or try to ignore The Lady of the House. If you've ever done that, once or more, stop reading that! There's no help for you anyway.
Do the World a favour and change your friends, job, yourself... change the planet!

- Notice that if strange injustice happens to you all the time, perhaps it has nothing to do with unfairness. Only twice it can be an accident.
Later on I propose to look in a mirror and say:
'Thank you. I did it to myself.'

I need to look at my tired face in a mirror and unfortunately I have to say  'Thank you for this all unpleasant experience again.' It happens I'm too exhausted to give a second, third or fifth chance and I need to say Goodbye forever.
As the old proverb says:
'If you play with excrements, you can get dirty'

No one is perfect. Not even real Elvgren's pin up girls
I try to improve myself everyday and learn from my own mistakes. That's why I'll never walk close to the pavement edge again when it's raining.

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