Sunday, 12 June 2011

Leaving Legoland

Few days ago people here went out on the streets and pretended to be Brazilians. They had to be simply confused since they forgot to hate foreigners that day.

Those not from here representing f.ex. Bolivia are most likely bounded with local people by marriage or kids. Danish people like one way roads, don't tend to leave their own country and follow their partners. 
I don't think Bolivians came here for this 'major cultural event since 1982' just to have a walk through streets of Copenhagen. 
(now when I recall expression on my face when I saw it for the first had to be strange)
Usually on the side of working with often basic customer service foreigners organize many courses or workshops like salsa dancing...whatever is close to their culture. 
Legoland is great and famous! But when I say about my current place of stay I usually or only hear What??? Where?, Why?!!.

I like when people have fun! It's just that since I've met young people's point of view about those from outside, this time the smell of hypocrisy spread around.
Yes...she's pregnant.

Well, time here is getting to an end. 
So I made a list of things I'm going to miss from here.

Sea. Hopefully for a while only.

Friday's in Malmo. Which is actually everywhere nowadays. 

Cafes, which can be easily replaced.

And definitively irreplaceable bike roads...

...and social welfare!

Era of vintage slips slowly goes away and will start somewhere else. But since it's still here for few more weeks I decided to feed my addiction. 

I love to search and fight for getting 1940s, 1950s slips or nightgowns. Even 1960s and 1970s.
It's like collecting. 
And recently I was not lucky enough to win these items.

Of course changes are always always always good and so I expect only better things.

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