Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Maciek, flat or narrow?

My 'special' brother doesn't really understand the ides of corsets. He's watched this one:
... and broke the silence.
As it looks Even nice for him, still admits to be only a simple male item who in the end prefers ordinariness - no offence to his life choices which are irrelevant to his present taste. Looks like good things happens to him by accident...
and that's one of them:

However ' even in wooden church a brick will fall on his head ' - some say.
But still he's under protection and everything he says is acceptable.

He claims it looks too flat so for him I found this strange scene..

Under loose summer dress, black steel corset. Interesting.

I feel good in it only when I use it's effect and have tight waisted dress or skirt.
So I'm sitting now in one and I'm wondering if it's a good idea that I decided to come here by bike... Again.

Accidentally I came across Jayne Mansfield.
Her waist is so laced or tightened somehow in every scene that it forced me to finish this film.

But I found out her waist was 53cm.
Bust 100cm and hips 81cm ?!?!

Sometimes I wonder should I believe in everything what's in Wikipedia.
Oh Come On ! 'BIG ASS'... Who doesn't have it nowadays ???
Probably that's why Vintage is Vintage. Everything stays in the past, definitively vintage sizes.

Very fast I fallowed this documentary film.
This slow action film had to be forbidden then!
Jayne Mansfield takes her audience through the trip all over the world. It starts in Rome. Some topless girls, I-stand-by-the-road girls and a lot of small bikinis. In Paris a lot of striptease shows, gay clubs. Some thoughts about lesbians. Also bust competition - and the winner is Sweden!
In 1:05:00 there's an amazing and very nice Crazy Horse show !!!
Finally transvestite / transsexual beauty contest. American girl cleaning shoes half naked.
Everything told by Jayne Mansfield.
Film ends with short description of the car accident which brought her death.

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