Monday, 11 April 2011

Italian Elle and FIAT 500

Finally ! this what I love the most. Another journey.
I had some snow problems...but still it was possible.

I hoped to experience people's company, especially since I moved to Danish Desert.
But No.
I must say I felt like at "home".


It could be also a good feeling - the whole area only for us. Luxurious holiday.
But just in case I saved one Official photo.

I totally burned my face. Looked like a red beet and have been loosing skin on my forehead and ears.
I had to put myself to every cold metal surface on my way for few days .
I've spent hours soaking my face in after sun lotions and applying 50+ sun filters.
I had to say goodbye to my white face.

But what to do to get it back?
...well I was always wondering if all these home made whitening masks on youtub actually work. It's time to find out.

That was not the only loss...
We rented FIAT 500 - My new 'wish' car.
Of course I scratched it the second day. But Hey! who doesn't have it on the My Personal Damage list nowadays?

So just to widen my chances, I informed T. that if ever Hell will freeze and he'll stand before the decision what colour, this is my favourite:

I have no idea if it's white, but I like the vision:
 Beige + Beige Interior + Red Roof

As time was passing, skiing with minimum snow, I decided to visit a hairdresser in Cavalese.

I love surprises !!!!

And hairdresser who can not communicate with you
- only few Italians there spoke English -
is like gambling.
I was very satisfied. Especially I have faith in REDKEN.

Looking at Italian Elle in waiting room I found some inspirations:

I am interested only in keeping blond blond, for now...

and waves...

I have a huge sentiment to all Japanese motives.

...and more more colours...

Yellow is my weakness. But as my friend says everyone looks sick in this colour.
And it's true... but I couldn't resist and found out that with red it's a bit more acceptable.

On the way home we jumped into Venice for couple of hours.

And I couldn't be happier with wine corks and the mask.

Robert, This one is especially for you:

 Since I've met a lady who's youth fell on fifties and she told me that petticoats where mostly from thick cotton, even in summer. And that in the end it's much more usable and comfortable than tulle ones, very fast I spent a small fortune in House of Olivier .

Soon T. will put all Venice photos on his site:


  1. Thank you for your gift to me!!!

  2. It's suppose to feed your Alco Devil-collecting hobby.