Monday, 3 September 2012

Vintage Swimming Suit

Summer is over, there's only waiting for winter now. 
There's no point to write about swimming suits, what I'm going to do and no point to shop for one, what I just did.
All vintage Lovers, who doesn't like bathing costume shape from 40s and 50s ?
Showing less than more, especially hip area, sometimes with stiff boning. My man hates the way it looks from behind. Well, did it ever stop me from buying it?
Makes me shiver but since Brazilian Waxing hasn't been born yet, so built up costumes helped to hide what's inevitable. 

That's original photo by Andre De Dienes - surprisingly I've found some photoshoped versions.

Anyway... My boyfriend has mixed feelings towards the one I have...
From acceptance to hate, sometimes even aggression but still finds some power to ask me 'please never wear it again'.

In the end he felt relief when I showed him Lady K Loves vintage swimming suits reproduction that he found most disturbing. I did as well.. think it looks pretty glamour-less. 
Some Vintage just should stay in Vintage.

Except For Luna that is so adorable !!! so burlesque and so colour-and-contrast and expensive obviously.

Quite quickly I found on eBay, obviously, genuine two piece bathing suit, made of cotton from early 60s with original labels that cost me just few pounds. Bra is bullet bra shape and it's based on a long one piece wire that you can't bend so forget about comfortable and efficient holiday packing system. I will have to tighten the strap around bust and neck and fix few stitches. Apart of that it's just perfect but perhaps still too old fashioned at the back for my man but he'll have to find this out next summer since I'm filtering reality to him ...sometimes.

I have no idea about other men but I'm afraid that it can be the case... one piece 40s50s shape may be just out of sexy look for male side. Other option means it's me, I'd rather not think about it.
and it doesn't mean I don't like it.

and two piece bikinis that finally became more popular and accepted...

I was always wondering what to do with your head since bathing cap is absolutely out of question. Pin curls and rollers out of logical sense. 
Exceptionally scarf may be in use...

And this is where I'm getting to The Tattered Dress from 1957 that's only valuable because of Elaine Stewart and her swimming pool hairstyle.

To be prepared next time.

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