Saturday, 25 August 2012

Hairstyle is a Lifestyle

Just started working. Sitting and waiting, ready to deal. I feel good..I felt good. Suddenly I hear: 'What have you done to yourself!?!'.
I'm puzzled. 'hmmmmm... n-nothing.(?)' Regular customer in front of me. His pressed lips and shaking head expose disapproval of the landscape before him. 'Yesterday you looked so beautiful!!! what did you do!?!' And he's leaving truly concerned still shaking his head. What did I do? or what didn't I do. I did not make my hair. Just put it flat together with some slight wave which was suppose to give some vintage 'something'. As I really like louis vuitton hairstyle in this particular show, this gentleman decided... it's a shit.

So what does the most create this vintage something?
Seamed stockings, high waist, dress length, hats, gloves, petticoats, eyeliner, red lips... well, no.

Dita von Teese is using hot rollers - only small ones - that for me are a waist of time. It's heavy, uncomfortable, takes a lot of time and doesn't keep the curls. I have thin and flexible hair. Many women get up, brush their hair, throw it backwards and they look astonishing.
I haven't been born with those extra features so I do pin curls.

It takes practise but in the end it takes me 10-15min with eyes shut, going to sleep and brushing in the morning, kilo of hairspray and done.

In my second- day- hair (I wash it every second day) I put some conditioner before brushing out the hairspray that tends to break my hair and still make pin curls but much bigger and rather carelessly since I discovered it tends to style much easier and effect is more smooth.

Hairspray is essential. Things I like are :

CHI Royal Treatment Hairspray, unavailable easily in Europe...
Fudge membrane gas Amazing !!! available everywhere online in UK and in hair salons. 
Both with a nice scent and great hold.
But I do load tones of conditioner before brushing hair after the long day to prevent breaking it. 
Haircut is a great help! This what I took to my hairdresser who has no knowledge of pin curls:

So pin curls based hairstyle is a Lifestyle.

When you finally get experienced, get to know what you have - most women can't do their own hair - you find out how easy and quick and glamorous it is.

There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.

Practise pin curls patterns and angles. Get straight bobby pins; straight, no ridges !!!
I did upload vintage instructions:
So cheap, so handy.
I do it always... better or worse, more or less precise and it always works for me.
But can you look good in it? Judge yourself. When my Love said 'You would look good in short hair' looking at completed hair set, I thought he went mad.

Good Luck !

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